SambaPOS Go Tablet setup issue


I have purchased the Go tablet license and installed the app on the ipad. I have done the settings as described in the tutorial.

However, when i run it on the tablet, it prompts me to enter a pin without going to the settings screen. The gotablet pin i created doesnt work. I used the default pin and it then loads the settings screen but the information is not picked up automatically. Below are the screenshots.





You have to enter the settings for it there.

@Jesse the email field is disabled and GraphQL details are empty.

I managed to enter the settings on the android tablet so I don’t think an issue with the message server

Yes In the setup instructions on the KB it says you will not need to enter the email. You need to enter the settings as shown in the KB.

Please follow this:

Thanks @Jesse. i was able to enter the settings however i now have a ‘Not Inactive License issue’