SambaPOS GO Tablet Vs SambaPOS Mobile Client

I want to set a client. I’m confused of the best option to deploy for the client.

I have deploy SambaPOS Mobile Client before. But it failed. Probably my fault. I will like to try the SambaPOS GO Tablet. Since the price is the same let me get a different experience.

I need professional advice please.

Go Tablet is meant for customer self ordering. It replaces menu’s. It is managed via cloud dashboard and you would need to design images for products etc. Its a great solution for customer self ordering.

Three ways to use it. Waiter selects table and hands it to customer, they browse and choose what they want, then they hand it back to waiter and waiter submits order.

Tablet has table asigned to it and customer can just pickup tablet on table and start ordering and submit their own orders.

Waiter can select table and hand tablet to customer, customer can select what they want and submit it and leave tablet there for future orders.

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As you know mobile client is for quick order taking by waiter. Its somewhat limited right now but we will expand it next year with more capability.

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We’ve been using an Asus tablet; it’s slow and unreliable and we need to replace it. Can you recommend one that you have used? It will be just for SambaPos Mobile and payments so, cameras, sound systems and other gadgets aren’t required. I’ve read lots of reviews but their priorities are more consumer based talking about surround sound and streaming videos. I would be glad of your advice please.

I’ve installed on many decent low price tablets without issue. Lenovo Tab E7 or M7 are good (E7 screen is not the best picture quality but not important for this use case).

I’m not sure where you’re located, but in the UK you can also get decent cheap tablets with Alba brand sold by Argos for around £45 which are similar as the Lenovo (better screen than the E7).

The Lenovo sometimes goes on Amazon for £40 for the E7 and £60 for the M7.

Currys PC World have a Acer 7" tablet right now for £34.99, I bought some and they are fine.

(Note: don’t by the RCA tablet from Currys PC World - it is poor quality rubbish)

If you’re not in the UK, the similar tablets in your local market should be priced similar.

When looking at reviews I always ignore any bad reviews about gaming speed or issues with camera, streaming etc as this isn’t what the tablet will be used for, and so far has been fine (except the RCA one!). Also I’d advise against buying unknown brand tablets on Amazon - they tend to be poor quality with old versions of Android, warranty is difficult and those I mentioned above tend to be cheaper in many cases.

Thank you so much. What a brilliant, helpful and complete reply. I’ll get the Acer 7".
Much obliged.

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