SambaPos Italia

is there anyone in italy who can help me configure sambapos correctly? thank you

Hi, i am in Turkey but i can help you with remote control. Anydesk or teamviewer.

hello, thanks for the reply, I have 2 needs,

the first is an order list like this one

the second is to know how many pizzas / deliveries are available every quarter of an hour

in the first column (produzione) there is the number of pizzas available, in the second column (cons.) the number of deliveries.

This is not SambaOPOS!


Are you trying to make sambapos into a different POS? Or did you confuse us with that POS?

If your asking to make sambapos like that pos then unfortunately we can’t do that. Please Instead of trying to make sambapos something else explain your business need and then our pros can help you use sambapos features to accomplish what you need.

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I didn’t want to confuse you, I showed you some functions that are useful for me with the pos that I am using now, but that I want to change with sambapos. summarizing: 1- list of takeaway and delivery orders in time order. 2- the capacity of the oven and deliveries in quarters of an hour. thank you

That’s a very advanced request. Probably not impossible but I am not sure someone would want to take that on for free unless they plan to use it themself.

I’ve seen this community do wonderful things though so who knows.

yes in fact I am looking for a person who can follow me in the changes (for a fee)

I tried to search but I did not find dealers in Italy.

Your order list should be relatively easy to implement. If you store your promise/target time as an ISO 8601 date either as a ticket state or as a ticket tag you will be able to sort based on that ticket state/tag.

Here’s a couple posts to get you started for the ticket lister:

Your other requirement is doable, I believe, but would be a bit of work for someone to build especially if you’re looking to limit the ability to order pizzas if the count is over for a specific time.