SambaPOS Jetrik QR Menu

With Jetrik QR Menu, customers that visit your restaurant can easily place an order using the digital menu, allows you to update the menu and pricing seamlessly. A digital menu created by SambaPOS can assist you to increase sales of high-margin items by testing specials, promotions, and limited-time offers with no specific overheads.

Jetrik QR Menu features in-built customizable templates, making it convenient for you to redesign your digital menu. Digital Menu templates on Jetrik QR Menu can be easily modified to edit or add food descriptions, and group your menu items under a specific category, optimizing the ordering experience.


Is it possible to get a test account to try this out? Are Jetrik and GoOrders different solutions?

You can sign up and get a 3 day trial automatic.

Sign up where?

Is Jetrik an update to QR Menu product? Or is that part of the GoOrders solution? Or are they separate?

Jetrik is new and separate from GoOrder it replaces the older qr menu. Jetrik will be a full featured online ordering platform. Jetrik QR is the base subscription. We will release advanced subscriptions soon.

Any link on how to setup?

You can go to your customer can setup from there.

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