Sambapos loyalty card for multiple branch

Can the loyalty card link with multiple branch? I have multiple branch and I hope the customer can use the loyalty card in all branches.

There is not multi branch support yet. You could design something universal maybe.

i had an idea by keeping track customers transaction in google sheets but it will be very manual and highly possible to make mistake. Sambapos loyalty looks good but maybe for multiple branch it can use a separate online database just to store customer accounts. Then all branches will log on to the database via internet to use the loyalty card.

Sounds like a good idea but right now its not supported. You could expose your SambaPOS database to internet and connect all branches but then your slave to your internet connection and if it goes down you can lose entire businesses.

EDIT: Maybe you could design the cards to hold more of the information and design your rules on each location to read all of the information. Example would be the card could hold the Entity,Promotion Points. The rules would check the Entity if it exists and it can read point balance from card.

Yes you are right about the slave part for the internet connection we might never know when its failing. What is one my mind right now is to separate pos database and customer database. Not sure if it s possible but I have seen this done on supermarkets where the point system is by another card machine. so sometimes the retail system still work but once in a while they will inform the point system is offline which i suspect internet down.

I would want the sambapos database to local then the customer account to be on network, maybe i could run 2 sambapos, one for sales which is local and another for customer accounts on network which links all branches customer together.This is messy but i think its still better then manually calculating the whole thing by spreadsheets

We are not so keen to store info on card, reason being the trend in our side by retailers are giving physical cards around. Imagine your have to bring so many loyalty cards around will be a mess. We are going cardless, the physical card is just given as a souvenir and we can identify you by id/passport.

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