Sambapos Marketman API intergration


I’m hoping someone will be able to assist me in producing a direct API connection between Sambapos and our third party inventory software Marketman. the software has a lot of support details regarding creating this link.

the purpose would be to:
Pushing sales into MarketMan in order to update stock values, menu, and sales data

I’ve included the intro documentation below. I would be keen for any idea on what this would take and cost to achieve. I haven’t obtained the API access yet and will do so quickly if we can go forward.
the steps as outlined from Marketman would be (further documentation is available):

Any offers appreciated!

Intro documentation:

Step one – authorization and identifying the customer

  1. After receiving access to MarketMan API as an API Partner, you will be granted API Key and Password.

Using those credentials, the first step will be to get a token using GetToken API method.

  • A token expires after 7 days, please make sure to renew.
  • The token will be required in all other calls in the header.
  1. To identify a customer or a location in the customer’s chain, we are using ‘Buyer GUID’.

To get the correct buyer GUID, use the GetAuthorisedAccounts.

  • The response received using this method is a list of customers your API Partner account has access to.
  • If a customer using the integration is not found in this list, please reach out to your MarketMan contact.

Step two – creating the menu

  1. Create categories using CreatePOSCategories call

a. The categories will serve as POS categories coming into MarketMan as well as a container for menu items.

b. Items will not be able to be created without a category, a category named ‘unallocated’ is acceptable.

c. To update menu items, use the set method with the same ID.

  1. Create items using SetPosMenuItems call
  • POSLocationSyncID field is required in case of a chain, this field will sync the items between the locations and will prevent duplications.
  • An item can be either a:

i. Menu item (type 1)

ii. Menu items group (type2)

iii. Modifier (type 3)

iv. Modifier groups (type 4)

  1. Create modifier groups using SetPosModifierGroups call
    This is mainly used to create modifier groups that have no menu item relation at the time of creating.

Step three – pushing sales

  1. Create a Sales container using CreateSalesPeriodContainer call
  • Each Sales Container will show as a daily report in MarketMan, Two sales containers for the same day will be merged into one report.
  • Transactions will require a container.
  • The SalesPeriodContainerID can be anything, no specification there, it’s a good practice to use the date.
  1. Pushing transactions using CreateChecks call

Hi Malcolm,

I’m also looking to integrate into MarketMan. I have the API sign in but just haven’t had time yet to do the development.

The trick will be to either post after each order / ticket close or once the work period closes. I’m just finishing some other projects so should start further investigation into how I’m going to do this in February. If you want to wait then I might have something hopefully soon.