SambaPOS Mobile App - Fast Menu Switch


Does the app support Fast Menu Switch ?

For Ex: I have 3 Menus

  1. Bar Menu, 2. Kitchen Menu, 3. Packages Menu

and i use Fast Menu Switching for these three menu.

Will i be able to switch menus inside mobile app.

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No it does not support that.

Then how do we switch to other Menus.

You cant with mobile app. You need to use a tablet with sambapos installed for that.

i am using tablet, with Quad Core Processor, 4Gb Ram, but it is very slow and hangs frequently when it is connected to main system which is i7, 16GB Ram

But when on tablet i run standalone SambaPOS with its DB installed on tablet, it works bit faster than which is connected over wifi or lan

Probably your network that’s causing that. Mobile app may support it in the future but it’s unlikely. It’s not meant to be a full client. So lots of features not supported in it.

I have thought it could be network, so installed new router 300mbps and Cat6 cable, its still same

It can still be network and most of time it is. If it works ok local but not network then there’s your answer.

Do you have any steps or settings that i need to check for network ?

Look up on Google WiFi networks and how to improve them. It’s not really Sambapos issue. You can try turning power settings on your tablet to high performance and install repeaters in your restaurant. Maybe try mesh network hardware.

Mobile app is built to handle that better you will rarely have any slowdown but it’s very basic and meant for order taking not as a client replacement.

Do you think having a standalone lite version for additional terminals just for placing orders and some other minor features could improve connectivity in future?

Because i have tested using PMPOS, it works great and very fast. Only drawback is its incomplete.

I’m not Sambapos but the mobile app is pmpos it was based on that. It is the lite version. It does not support multi menu because it is the lite version.

You should try a gigabit wifi router, that will improve a lot the response of wifi terminals,


There is more to network than just cat6.
Obviously band of wifi is obvious factor.
But just having fastest ac type doesn’t mean it’s max speed. Conflicts and interference effect wifi.
Network config and general traffic also a factor.
What else of on network? Is it also connected with public WiFi? CCTV is fairly bandwidth hungry especially with high res cameras.

Public router is a different one, there is a separate router only for Samba Connectivity. Only Samba Systems are connected.

I have tested file transfers, they are pretty fast over wifi. But Samba is quite slow. i have disabled firewall. I dont know why the app is very slow over wifi.

It’s not slow and in most places it runs very fast. A file transfer is not a measurement on network performance. You need to test connection strength and reliability during peak hours. So you do have two wifi routers running that can cause interference. That’s one thing.

@Jesse Signal strength is 100%, There is no interference i think. I have tried with just Samba Router ON. Others all off. Still it hangs and freezes all the time.

It’s not sambapos. It’s your network. I know that’s hard to understand but it’s true. Networks are not that simple. 100% signal strength is also not a test of strength. You can have packet loss, poor throughput, router may not prioritize well. Interference from any wireless device or equipment.