SambaPos not starting

Just installed SambaPOS 5 on a windows 10 machine for evaluation.
Keep getting ‘Please restart application. Current problem saved to log file’ message.
Pressing OK is closing SambaPOS5.

Have been looking at sambasettings.txt, ConnectionString is still empty…
I was expecting database connection to be configured from the SambaPos application as well as initial Sample Data.

How to proceed further? Does anyone know location of mentioned log file?.

Update: I found the log file and it seems that SambaPos tries to open/create file in user folder


So it’s missing a \ in the path or is the debug statement not correct?

Got antivirus running, have noticed avast started giving me issues on lermissions, disabling solves.
Blank would be default locally which is the file its trying to create.

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He probably installed sql local db 2017 if that is the case there is a bug with sql localdb and you need to install an update for it.

Here is the update you need to install

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Thanks for providing the solution.

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Next version of Sambapos will have the fixed version of localdb included.

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