Sambapos on Retail enviroment

Hi, i’m trying to setup a sambapos 5 on a retail enviroment, and i have a couple questions.

  1. I setup Sambapos to open a ticket directly instead to choose a table first. This option will allow me to go directly add items to the ticket, but i found that i can’t put a ticket on Hold. it will be a good option.
  2. I setup the EBT or Food Stamp option which was describe on V4 Tutorial, but is not working on this version. can you update the tutorial, please.
  3. i did setup the customer Display, is there any way i can show the weight, type of payment and change for a few and then go to the idle screen?
    Thank you for your hard work, i really appreciated.

Try to import the attached using import tools, i have this setup working without a problem in a supermarket, you will have to set-up products into categories and map tax templates correctly, but it does work flawlessly for me. Hope this helps. If you need the whole database let me know and you can modify to your needsEBT (1.2 KB)

You can only “hold” a Ticket if it has either an Entity assigned, or it contains a Ticket Tag. In your case, you want to add a Ticket Tag, since you are not using Entities.

What Tutorial? Give a link, and/or show screenshots of your implementation.


EBT solution developed on V4 will work on V5, if not can you please update the Tutorial, i having trouble when i need to discount Taxes from EBT payment.

If there is a way to show the weight, type of payment and change, on the customer display for a few seconds and then go to the idle screen, please show me how to do it, thank you

So just ignore everyone’s replies and push the same questions again - will surely get the answers that way.