SambaPOS Online Ordering & CDU

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New to the forum and just looking into SambaPOS as a possible solution.
I have a bit of experience in epos.
What its the best online ordering integration for SambaPos in the UK? And can it calculate delivery fee based on the customer’s location/postcode?
How is SambaPOS at cashing up the drivers? Will it be easy to tell how much delivery fees each driver is due at the end of the night?
In terms of hardware, does SambaPOS work with a VGA or HDMI second display as a customer display? I find them a lot easier (and cheaper) than buying a 2-line display.

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I recommend GloriaFood/GlobalFood integration for online ordering, it does have delivery fees calculation but I’ve never used that feature- hopefully someone else familiar with that will chime in as I’m also curious.

SambaPOS can use a browser window for Customer Display so you can use any display connection supported by Windows. You can customize its appearance to however you like if you are comfortable with HTML.

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Thank you very much. Really interesting. I would also be interested to know if either online ordering solution provides order capping - limitation of orders by delivery slot. This is something that is in high demand right now - every customer is asking for it. There are some companies that can do it.

GloriaFood does have minimum order limits for deliveries but not sure about maximum order limit. You can also charge service fees to customers; it’s not common in my area but I know some online ordering services charge either the restaurant or customer $1 per ticket.

Thanks Scott I created a free account and had a ‘test drive’. It looks similar to other platforms I have used.
With the order capping (or throttling), the purpose is to limit the number (not the value) of orders received for pre-order at a particular time. So for example I learned that RestaJet provides the facility to pre-order. That means you can pay for your food and opt to collect it later in the day or even the next day at a particular pre-allocated time slot (6.30pm, 6.45pm, 7.00pm etc etc).
What the restaurant does not want is to be overwhelmed with orders for collection at the same time (e.g. 25 orders for 6.45pm collection). The kitchen would not be able to handle it, customers would be waiting for their orders that they expected to collect right away and bad reviews would be left on social media etc.
I asked RestaJet and they said it is in development and expected in a few weeks. However a lot of online ordering platforms have been saying the same thing for months. So I will believe it when I see it. Some of them have got it going but a lot are dragging their heels.

Its a system like online grocery pickup at walmart. Interesting idea.

The benefits of pre-ordering for the restaurant/takeaway are that they can plan staff rotas and buy/prep appropriate amounts of food in advance. It also captures a part of the market that might otherwise have been lost. Pre-ordering is quite popular here in the UK and a lot of people are asking me about being able to control the number of orders per time slot.

The benefits for the end customer are that they can order their food for collection at a convenient time and save waiting around. This is more relevant now with social distancing as neither the customer or the business wants crowds hanging around waiting for their food. Many people plan a night with friends with food ordered from ‘XYZ’ establishment so it makes sense for them to order in advance for delivery or collection.