SambaPOS Overview Diagram

I’ve prepared a diagram for new users to visualize some SambaPOS features and tried to give some quick information about our language.

If you think we can improve it to make it more useful I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts.


nice I like it
maybe if u use color code it might be easier for some users

Save the Picture, fill it and then UPload it :slight_smile:

I think the Orders should be pointing to the Ticket; not the other way around. Ticket is the overall controlling object.

Might be nice to show Payments somewhere in there (Accounts?)

It isn’t really a Feature Overview; it is a Function/Flow Overview.

I dunno I really don’t see how that is helpful. I mean people already don’t read the forum before they ask questions. I am having a hard time thinking people wont start asking questions about that diagram now haha.

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Because most people who read the forum before asking question will find the answer, therefore they don’t need to ask anymore. I find hundreds of answered question from searching this forum. Thanks to you, Qmckay, JTRTech, Peter_cijsouw, RickH and many more. (Especially Lord Emre :stuck_out_tongue:)

Ps. It is helpful :smile:

This is very good, need to be posted in “Start here”

Hello. I’ve updated diagram according to your suggestions. Thank you very much. Please keep posting ideas.

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Emre Did it LOL :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: