Sambapos Pizza shop setup

Hello everyone,

I have a few questions here and I hope somebody will be able to answer them;

1- How to add product description
2- How to add pizza toppings
3- How to limit pizza toppings
4- how to create offers e.g. buy one get one free
5- how to create cooking instructions

SambaPOS is extremely flexiable and can do an amazing amount of things, but the only reason it can stay competitive is by users working together to find solutions to problems and sharing them on the forum. Therefore if you search through these forums you’ll find tons on infomation on how to achieve all you have asked for.

Questions like this are not normally appreciated since it shows you have spent little or no time trying to find solutions yourself.

If you are going to make the most of SambaPOS you need to be prepared to put in a lot of effort and to at least search the forums to make sense of the software you have in front of you.

To give you a helping hand I have given you some hints of what you need to look for below…

1- How to add product description
Where do you want the description displayed? On the POS menu, sales ticket or kitchen ticket. You can add additional product info as a “custom product tag” or as a “menu item description”. You can then use a “ticket template” to determine what information is printed and where.
2- How to add pizza toppings
The pizza would be called an “order”, multiple “orders” would be added to a “ticket” at a time. Each “order” on the ticket can have “order tags” assigned to it, for example, size, options and extras. “Order tags” can have a value assigned to them so they increase the cost of the order.
3- How to limit pizza toppings
It is possible to put a maximum limit to the number of order tags that can be applied
4- how to create offers e.g. buy one get one free
Search for “deals”
5- how to create cooking instructions
Do you mean instructions like “Steak: Well done / medium” (in which case use Order Tags) or special requests like “no butter” (in which case use an order tag with custom input allowed). Or do you literallymean a lengthy description of how to prepare an item? In which case I would probably use a custom product tag - but it seems silly to print lengthy instruction every time someone orders a pizza, you’d be better ot have a separate staff training manual for how to cook your products.

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@mjb2000 Thanks for your reply.

I would like yo show the description on sales ticket. By cooking instruction I meant basic instructions such as Well Done, no ketchup etc.

Those would be order tags.

As @Jesse said, you need to look at Order Tags for those “cooking instructions”

One thing you are definitely going to need to get your head around is printer templates and printer tags. If you edit a printer template you will be able to see a list of tags that are available. Others will correct me if I am wrong, but I think you will need to look at using Custom Product Tags

  1. Define a product tag called “Description”
    Manage > Program Settings > General > Product Tag Captions
  2. Populate the decriptions for each item
    Manage > Products > Product List > [ITEM] > Custom Tags
  3. Add a printer tag to the printer template
    Manage > Printing > Printer Templates > Ticket Template…
    Within the [ORDERS] section, add a tag {PRODUCT TAG:Description}
    (The reason we are using “Description” in this product tag because we set it up in step 1.
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The printer expression would be curly brackets I think but for description that would be the way to go.

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Whoops - Yes… I have updated my example.

Thanks everyone for your kind replies. There is no doubt Sambapos is extremely flexible and extensible, But I honestly think that it would better if you simplify user experience. for example, product description should be right beside product name (in my opinion), batch product editing would also help a lot. Most business owners do not have these kind of expertise, so every little help can make a significant difference. Again thank you very much.

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You can bulk edit…
Price editor for prices.
Tag Editor for tags like description etc.

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Well, SambaPOS is not out of the box solution if you don’t want to spend lot of time with it you will be disappointed. After you spend some times you will actually enjoy it.

I can help build what you want for a fee. PM me if that’s the route you want to go through.

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And where would you put the foriengn language description of the meal? Or where would you put the name of the meal in Chinese script which is the only written text your chef understands? Where would you put the list of possible allergy concerns for the particular product… Alll of these are issues that are addressed on a one-to-one basis, and each business owner will see them as being integral to the system.

It’s simply not possible to have one system to suit all. Instead we have a framework, upon which we can build incredible systems.

I absolutely agree, and that’s why you find people like @GreatShakesBar who specialise in building bespoke POS systems for businesses. Myself, I am a lifelong geek so I have enjoyed the challenge of adapting this restaurant POS to be perfect for what we need here in my Mexican Dive Shop.

Yes, you will find other out-of-the-box solutions that might have some basics like a product description ready to complete, but as soon as you need something more specific for your business this is where many other POS system fail.

The modular framework design of SambaPOS means that almost anything is possible and it can be tailored to your business… Either by you, or a specialist.


The reason we see a lot of people say these sorts of things is because well they know there are other POS systems that are easier out of box or companies that will literally set it up for you… they dont want those because they are expensive and rightly so it takes a LOT of resources to spoon feed novices. SambaPOS was cheap in the past so thats what draws those people here. The cheap factor is more than likely changing now since its left up to resellers to estabolish pricing.


Mate, seems like you took this personally :zipper_mouth_face:. tbh for me cost is not the factor. I just want to learn in and out of this this amazing product, and surely I will get over it as so many people are ready to help.

But your sugestion was desctiption should be next to name?
We dont use description and sure meny others do.
You can create description product tag just its below

This is always the aim.
But you have to have a trade off between customisability and flexability and userbility.
A out the box hard coded setup can be simple as there are less options etc and you have to do it all the way it was coded t work.
Samba will always end up being more complex (to some) due to that flexability and customisability.
Personally regardless of customisability i would prefer samba over say IRC touch which is a real big player in EPOS at least here in UK dispite being in my opinion more complex to setup than samba…
I mean seriously there top level admin menu is;
Or something like that… WTF. at least samba is clean and easy to see where you are and what your doing. If IRCc touch was a customisable as Samba you would need a degree in order to use it…


Not at all it’s just an observation.