SambaPOS Pizzeria Customisation

I need to add a few things into SambaPOS which allow me to run my pizzeria smoothly. First off I’m not sure how to take orders for “Takeaway & Collection” and for “Delivery”. I have been successful in creating them as entities, but there is nothing within them. There is an entity called “Customer Search” which allows me to take orders, but only for delivery and it does not allow me to automatically search for street names once a postcode has been entered. Next I have created new products and have added prices, but when I click on the button to add a pizza the application crashes, I’m not able to add the desired toppings onto the pizza so when I print the ticket it would display the toppings.Lastly I want to be able to clear the database every night and start fresh in the morning.

Thats allot of questions in one post.

Sounds like youve jumped in the deepend and messed up some of the default automation.

The way to do delivery/takeaway depends on how you want to record and use the system, entities is one way, but tages and states are another posibility.

Customer search would be to search a list of customers (entities) which have been saved (FYI if you clear the database each night customer records will be cleared also)

The software crashing when adding a product is a clear sign you have altered one of the default rules or added a new rule with an error in it.

To be honest you have given 3 questions in one and not given enough information to even sugest where to start.

If your desperate I would sugest maybe listing an advert for paid support to get sorted asap or post your questions in seperate topics with some screenshots.

The best questions provide detail of;
A - The issue/problem/what your trying to do
B - Details on anything you have tried/cant get to work as expected
C - Screenshots help allot of your configeration pages relating to the section, will usually be asked for additional screenshots also.

People will be more eager to help if they can understand your issue by providing mroe info.

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Hi, there is not ONE simple solution for all your rquests, but, we can split them in smaller items.

for example, TAKEAWAY solution that I implemented and worked great…

Delivery, are at least 4 different ways to get there, just use the search bar and the word DELIVERY… step by step help is there!!!

Half and Half pizza issue… here:

hope this helps you to get started!!!



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