SambaPOS Reseller - What now?

Hello everybody

i have followed SambaPOS since 2014. i have not contributed much to this forum since i had not started implementing SambaPOS on a fulltime basis. It was just a nice, working, reliable solution i realised actually worked for Restaurants & Hotels. and having tried it out back then, i just kept following and reading the forum.

I have just begun doing SambaPOS on a fulltime basis as there is so much need of POS solution in my neck of the woods.

I also noticed a couple of weeks ago that there is this whole Reseller thing that has come into being. One can nolonger direclt purchase a license from SambaPOS but from a Reseller.

Any comments or thoughts on this. I am aware many on the forum are concerned about lack of communication and future plans.

Any thoughts on this? Anything really?

Hi Taffy,

Im one of the resellers myself and like the other resellers i wasnt given much information about any of whats happening up until the changes were already made and we started asking questions.

It is true that as of now, any license purchase must be made through an authorized reseller which the list can be found on the sambapos website.

The current information that we have been given so far is that any person who wants to become an active reseller should first apply through website, and one condition to become official and recieve an official reseller certificate is to purchase a SambaPOS Reseller Starter Pack. This consist of 10 SambaPOS licenses at $1000USD(for the package) and if you dont already have training on how to use SamaPOS properly, you would also require some sort of training, then you get the official reseller certificate also. The training will either have to be approved by an authorised reseller or SambaPOS HQ themselves.

The idea behind this is to show that you are serious about selling SambaPOS as a solution to potential clients in your region, and the investment will allow you to be more motivated to sell as of course you would want to make a living or profit from it, therefore you would want to at least get back what you paid for and a bit more.

Resellers will also have ability to sell the license at the price of their local currency.

However this is where it gets a bit confusing, because the price for license has been removed from SambaPOS website, and it was supposed to have also been removed or revamped in SambaPOS market. But anyone can still see the price of license in Samba Market which then makes it a bit difficult to sell the license for a reseller. Therefore you would have to market yourself to include support or solution in addition to license to be able to not only help clients but also make something from it.

All clients who wish to buy a license will be given a lead to the closest geological reseller and they will handle contacting the client, arrange a meeting, create a proposal and make the sale for the license through the reseller portal.

@Shivan Hello Shivan. I understand what you have said. i think the challenge for resellers would be to price the SambaPOS license to potential buyers. What is the recommended resell price for the SambaPOS license? or will it be up to the Reseller to determine a price at a local currency?

It is just a thought that i have seeing these recent arrangements and changes.

I have one issue about competition between reseller in one area.
What if after i purchase a reseller packet, start to promote Sambapos, then other people see that a good pos system. So they want to invest to compete with me.
I think we should have a exclusive right for reseller who came first. May be 1 years with exclusive right, no one can registry become a reseller if there has had a reseller in that area already. If in 1 year, their performance is not good, they will lost the exclusive right.
Wait for your ideas,

HI @netmark I think if you could do a volume I’m sure Tayfun and team would be happy to support you.

Thats not how business works!!! I mean come on, for SambaPOS the COMPANY they want more resellers, and for them to compete, the bigger the competition the more effort you put in. You just have to be better at t than your competition.

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I agree that competition is good. But it depends on what phase of develop cycle. With the new market, where little customer know about sambapos, the first person who start their promotion plan to sell product. And also get the competition at the same time. It may be not fair!
So i suggest a exclusive right in a certain time, may be a year.

Sorry @netmark, you joined the forum in May 12 this year. There are resellers been here for many years. I really do not think you are in any position to be requesting exclusivity over any market. How much experience do you really have using SambaPOS? Installing on a PC and selling it is not experience. None of us here has any exclusivity, and this is an open market. If you don’t like it, just don’t resell SambaPOS…


I start to learning about sambapos 2 years ago, start to install it last year when i start my coffee shop bussiness, i use sambapos near 1 year. Often open sambapos forum to get new information. May be my experience is still not reach professional level. But i am similar to you, get issue, come to forum and fix the issue. So my experience is improve everyday. @@
I do not know how much do you understand about my idea @@ But my idea is not mention only about me, but other reseller’s advantage .
Certainly, if i do not have exclusive right in my area, i will sell sambapos in other way (but i think it will be slow). Instead of i can invest my capital to do advertise, approach customer quick, hire other people to help support customers.
With no exclusive right, you invest to training staff, advertise = get more competition, because your employee will be come your competition @@
@markjw i do not care about what you think, because i do not gray for any right only for me. I just give a idea to distribute sambapos more effectively @@

Well, you don’t really know me so you can’t make that assumption. I am actually one of the regulars on the forum who has spent countless hours helping out users here and I also have a business where we have installed SambaPOS to many customers with varying requirements over the last 3 years. So, it a little more than “get issue, come to forum and fix issue” :wink:

While you come on here and talk about exclusivity, I can only go by what I (and others) can see. You have not contributed to the community, you have asked one question on the forum in the past. I don’t see why a whole area or region of potential SambaPOS customers should end up with a poor experience just because you were there first.

For me, I don’t worry about competition because I know we offer a good service. Others will come and go, those like us and other quality resellers will stay and will continue to do well because we provide a good service. If you fear that, it is likely because you are not in a position to offer this level of service.


The vibes from this thread is getting really hostile haha! Lets chill guys, this place is a community forum for regulars and new people alike, no need to get so worked up. A lot of these questions will be answered in due time. In the meantime the only thing we can do is get better at using SambaPOS, enjoy the amazing software and for a lot of people who contribute a lot, appreciate the time and effort given by those who are just like everyone else, regular SambaPOS users and even though they don’t have to, they still take time to answer questions and give a helping hand… Because that is what has made SambaPOS so great… It’s community :smiley:


Don’t agree with exclusivity… How is that even managed? What stops anyone purchasing and getting support remotely?
Also samba as a company then puts allot of faith in someone based on what? This is what mark is getting at with your forum activity… How else can your samba experience be judged?
Those of us who are not only active but offer support to others demonstrait our experience on a daily basis, someone only seeking support on forum cannot be presumed to be experienced as that the forum is the only public evidence of that knolage.
This was an initial error on sambas part in allowing open registration to resellers which resulted in several people/companies being listed which should never have been considered.

Just because you can buy 10 licence doesn’t mean you good at samba, just means you have liquid cash, there are likely many better experienced people like myself who if I hadn’t been granted reseller status in early days for my partisipation on forum would not be able to justify an investment like that. Not because I’m not a viable reseller but because I have many other commitments and POS is not my primary business. All that said - with the greatest respect - I would be fairly confident to say my samba experience out weighs yours.

As a reseller you are not directly profiting on the resale of licence etc but your added value… Exclusivity restricts the customer to potentially sub standard service from someone with exclusivity. Competition drives resellers to be better than their competition.
If your not confident in your offerings without exclusivity on a value added bases it sujests a sub standard offering.

The only issue at the minute is the lack of communication from Samba with those resellers they now expect to be the sole sell point of licence…


Yes @@ Calm down, little boy! i do not eat your cake :slight_smile:
i also do not prove to be the best at experience in samba as you
i talk about effectively way to distribute sambapos in new market (where customer do not speak english, no have any other reseller).
Region with alot of reseller, exclusively right certainly is not ok.

I think this comment is really insulting, not exactly who you are directing that at, but calling someone “little boy” is quite rude. I hope it’s just some loss of translation that you say this. You are really not helping yourself to get any support on this forum.

No reseller in Vietnam (where I assume you are) does not mean it is a new market. I have worked with clients in many countries including Vietnam, so it is not a new market. It’s just you don’t know that there are people using SambaPOS already. Until recently, anyone can buy SambaPOS license which is what the customers there would have done. SambaPOS is used in 195+ countries around the world.


@markjw ok boy ^^ i think we should not argue anymore about this topic, which maybe annoy other people.
So far, everyone know that you disagree with my idea about exclusively right at all.

Why do you think so? ^^ This is a community, it is not your home. I am not a stranger. So you do not need to be vigilant about me ^^.

No comment, it does not make sense @@ Waste time

Exclusive right:

There are alot other pos solution compete with sambapos. They invest in marketing to get customer, even their solution is not good as sambapos (i just guess).
With no exclusive right (even in certain time), who will strongly invest to sell product? A perfect product but no one know.

Who’s arguing?
Nothing you say though changes the facts on the point that mark was origionally trying to make.
How does SambaPOS as a company know enough about you to offer exclusivity?
The initial people with reseller accounts were given them based on there input and activity on the forum.
The forum is the only place any of the comunity have to ‘judge’ someone, and you have had little activity on the forum other than requesting translation, one support question and commenting on this topic…
If anyone were to judge you based on your forum activity other than your comments in this topic there wouldn’t even be an indication that your a reseller.
To be honest I doubt anyone could really call themselves experienced in samba without more forum activity, you have read a fair number of topics but that in itself doesn’t mean experience.

I stand by my point in that if you feel you need exclusivity in order to market your services you can’t be very confident in your services…


to help you understand, please read this:

Maybe the word “exclusive right” make you difficult to understand. Other word is: Maybe, Sambapos will accept registry to become a reseller 1 time per year. After that time, people want to join will wait until next year.

I don’t understand! Ok, I give in, obviously your a samba expert because you can quote what it says on the reseller page…

It says you have to have had training… What training have you had, read a few topics on the forum?

I’m not looking for an arguement but your the one not understanding… As said severa times we have shown our experience with samba through our forum activity, you have not. Have you had training from Samba themselves… Unlikely… So how can you be judged? Only on your forum activity which is minimal.
Why would buying 10 licence entitle you to exclusivity wether it’s for a year or whatever…

Since any previous licences would have been bought through old system on individual accounts previous sales can’t really be verified easily and either way pure licence purchases doesn’t show compatency anyway.

I’m not posting anything else on this subject as we’re just going round in circles.

In short if you had been active on forum for last 2 years since you say you have been using samba and spent some time having input to v5 development like many of us had and helping support others on the forum you might get taken more seriously…

Either way requesting something like that on forum is pointless anyway since Samba officials have pretty minimal involvement in forum nowadays it’s pointless asking here. Why don’t you contact them directly…

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@ALL members on this post. As I am the Original Poster. This conversation/topic degenerated into some kind of misunderstanding which i didnt anticipate. I apologise for that.

My intention was get input from people on here so that we can give each other ideas on what is the likelyhood of having trouble supporting Samba. especially licenses issues with clients. it gets ugly quickly if SambaPOS where to make it difficult to get licenses and support.

But i think we are ALL positive. Lets wait. the Guys will respond in due time i’m sure. Thank you all for being here.

I apologise to any one who has been offended by any member postings above.

NO LOVE LOST :heart_eyes:

:slight_smile: love you gents! We are brothers


How stupid you are!
What is topic name? SAMBAPOS RESELLER - WHAT NOW?
So i give a idea about distribute Sambapos. That all. I do not ask for a grant in here. I did so, I asked the responsibility person via email. There is a community. I just discuss the content relate with the topic.
NO ONE of you in this community have able to offer, it belong some core member of Sambapos. I JUST DISCUSS
I even do not show my experience at all. Just some a little boy like you @markjw , try to show how experience you are :sweat_smile: Away like you afraid i eat your cake :sweat_smile:
Calm down! And try to understand thing :slight_smile: