SambaPOS & RestaJet Online Ordering System Campaign!

Your own mobile applications and website!

With RestaJet’s specially designed website, iPhone and Android applications, you can receive commission-free orders from your customers. With our new generation loyalty and online ordering system, you can benefit your restaurant under 3 main headings.

Don’t Pay Commissions to online orders

Give your customers a fast ordering experience with iPhone and Android applications published under your name and logo. At the same time, add online ordering features to your existing website, and if you do not have a website, start taking orders from your website with your own domain name. With our customizable designs, you can have a website that suits your corporate identity or you can request a custom design.

Increase Customer Engagement with Loyalty System

You can enable your customers to earn reward points for each order and use them as a discount. You can also define discounts for different products within the conditions you set.

Don’t lose customers with marketing automation

With the automatic communication rules you set, you can celebrate your customers’ birthdays, and send special discount codes to those who have not ordered for 30 days. You can create customer classes according to the spending limits you set and create special campaigns and promotions for them.

Perfect SambaPOS Integration

We are changing the game in Menu and Online Order integration. With the new RestaJet integration of SambaPOS, you can easily manage your online orders for your restaurant and grow your business quickly.

Easy Menu Sync

You can upload your menu in SambaPOS to RestaJet with a single click, and quickly start receiving orders online.

Your orders come to SambaPOS Instantly

Your orders from your Website and Mobile applications are instantly written to SambaPOS and you can quickly manage.


Hi, this is Gokhan here, I will be happy to answer all of your questions regarding RestaJet. Feel free to post your questions here and I will do my best to answer them asap!


RestaJet app would be downloaded by customer or only web site ordering? Second can we advertise name, menu and special events on the app or web. Is the website Will be official samba or required hosting?

@Gokhan_Caylak I think you are more equipped to answer his questions.

Hi Shafiqch,

Thank you for your questions,
Restaurant’s customer can either download the app or simply visit the restaurants website for signing up. Any sign up will require basic account credentials which will be created by the customer itself and can be used in all platforms (Website & Apps) for an order to be completed.

For your second question, the answer is yes. You can advertise name, menu and special events, promotions and grow your community. Push notifications, emails and sms can be mediums for marketing as well as any other digital marketing means. All apps and websites will be under Restaurant name and hosting will be provided by RestaJet.

Here is an example if a restaurant becomes a customer of RestaJet.
Let’s say the name of the restaurant is Mamma Mia Pizza.

Web url will be provided by Restaurant owner, like (this domain needs to be provided by the restaurant) App names will be Mamma Mia Pizza (based on unique name availability on Google Play and App Store)

Please feel free to reach me, if you have any other questions!

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Hello @Gokhan_Caylak i requested a demo from your the RestaJet website but i didnt receive a answer or a demo…

When did you request it?

hi @Jesse that was yesterday min 24 hours ago

Maybe give them some time to respond then. They will get ahold of you.

Remember its weekend and unlike in hospitality, most other industries get the weekend off :slight_smile: lucky them.

I actually reached out him yesterday and we will speak within this week, here is also my personal mobile +905386499289