SambaPoS Restart Problem

I’m using Sambops at my restaurant. But after using three to four hours it is restarting automatically. What could be the solution to this problem? Please help me…

There is no built in restart programming or automation.
Do you mean crashing and your restarting?

…or do you mean the computer is restarting?

If so, is it happening every day? If not, possibly Windows update? Or if it is every day, possibly your PC has a problem, maybe overheating.

not my pc, pos is restarting autometically. I am using windows 10.

This is the first I have ever heard of SambaPOS just randomly restarting. Surely there is an error report? Can you explain exactly what it looks like when it restarts? How do you know it restarted did you see it when it happened?

It is possible that you have a misconfiguration somewhere that is causing it to crash but I have never known it to restart after a crash.

Unless he means it’s locking up and Windows is offering the option to force close and restart.

Yeah that will happen if the database query is taking too long to respond sometimes, especially if not used for a while.