SambaPOS Roadmap

Samba is great, I do agree with the suggestions on urgent need of a cloud integrated pos.
My suggestion would be expansion of Samba to meet or incorporate key ERP needs; extending samba to an ERP solution will require adding modules- Payroll, HR, CRM, Manufacturing process, Finance, etc. We need to see Samba as a core application for the management of the entire operations of the business.


How about having a mac version of Sambapos or Linux Version…

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I cant really answer for Vehbi im sure he will respond to that question but I do not know of many Mac or Linux POS systems in restaurants. Do you think there is a real demand for that? That kind of project would take a TON of resources to do and we would need to be sure we could market and sell it. I just dont think there is a market for a MAC or Linux based restaurant POS.

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building on this, what do you guys think about Digital Wallets? Is there a demand for that? Like if we had a Samba Wallet app or something similar? Maybe it wouldnt be called that, this is all just hypothetical but it would be interesting to see what others think. I personally think a Wallet App would be great. Everything is going towards that.

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Not too warm about MacOS or Linux terminals. Maybe Android or iPadOS more suitable alternatives.


How can we compatitor with Apple or Google Pay. Its very hard i think.

Any new ideas about this topic ? :slight_smile:

  • When adding a new product, it can be selected to which menu and category the product will be added.

  • When creating a new entity, it can be selected to which entity screen it will be added.

  • Changes and settings made on the management side can be logged.

  • When closing tabs, a warning message can be shown that the changes are not saved.

  • New columns can be added to the list of all products to show in which menu and category the product is located.

  • On the all products page, all categories are listed every time. These categories should be collapse all / expand all.

  • On the actions page, it can be shown in which rules the existing actions are used.

  • Reports should be categorizable.

  • There should also be a report search feature on the reports screen.


One of the aspects that becomes a bit tedious is the creation of reports. Honestly, a user or restaurant owner will not have the ability to create a report if they do not have knowledge of databases and SQL. Something that facilitates in that sense would be excellent.


Oscar have you followed the reports tutorials? You do need to learn the processes but you do not have to know sql.

Not many systems let you build your own reports.

We do have lots of example reports in the forums too you can copy.

We provide some base reports but maybe we could work on adding a few more base reports however I think the reporting engine is one of the best parts of Sambapos. It’s so easy to create reports without having to do any sql.

Scroll to bottom of reports section in our KB we have lots of example reports. You can quickly learn to how build any report. None of those reports use any sql.

No.1: It should include the FBR tax integration system imposed by the Government of Pakistan.
No.2: It should be developed for Chrome OS as well. In order to use Chrome OS’s POS Machine for Samba POS.
No.3: Apart from the Prefix List & Order Tag List , a sub-tag option is also required.
No.4: You should also integrate WooCommerce with Samba POS because Wordpress is the most used in the world.

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**Adding an accounting module or integration to QuickBooks. **
**Adding Mpesa Intergration. **
Web Based Reports.
Make Samba a Hybrid POS
Add Payroll to the POS

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All good suggestions. However we do have web based reports with Metrik v2.

I’m going to play devils advocate for one second but before i do I have to say that you couldn’t blast me out of the SambaPOS ecosystem. I’ve grown to love the software. There have been some very frustrating times and more than once i’ve almost given up. But when you start shopping around and really compare offerings A) It will make your head spin B) Samba has great offerings if not better than the competition. With that said…

I see where you are coming from from a business viewpoint. I also realize that the future of the software is dependent on satisifying the needs of potential customers - be it current needs and/or future needs all in direct compeition with other software suites. It’s a tough position to be in if resources are already a challenge. But stop for a second and look at this picture as a whole. I check the forums every day (or nearly) and you can see a shift in the types of posts being made. I can vouch for those posts because a lot of them were mine. haha

The software is amazing. I find out how much so a little more each time I have an “ahaaa” moment and am able to bridge an idea or problem with a solution. The forum is a great place to find answers but there really needs to be some kind of documentation on how some of the big key players in Samba operate. GraphQL, reporting, constraints, ect. The more you add in functionality without any sort of structured documentation on how to use it just creates a bigger and more unmanageable mess for NEW end users. When you add that to the fact that there are a lot of unspoken pieces to the puzzle that either do not work as they should (primarily GraphQL), or DO work but you can’t get any information on them for one reason or another. That just adds more to yours and Jesse’s plates. It has to be time consuming to follow up on the same information over and over.

I guess my point is - You can make the software do everything and more than all the competition combined, but if no one knows how to use it what is the point? And yes, there’s the forum, and the kb, and apidoc, though I don’t really count it. But the time it takes to read enough to put the pieces together can be enough to make anyone discouraged by the product.

Every other software suite I checked out that would have been a potential candidate when jumping ship had extensive documentation, as well as a forum and knowledge base. Before adding more and more additions to samba wouldn’t it be a good idea to solidify Samba’s foundation and begin creating the documentation that these potential new customers desperately need in order to succeed with Samba? Though I’ve been with Samba for 8 or so years I didn’t start really customizing the software to my needs until the last 2 years. And during this time it has been, to say the absolute least, a struggle.

i will always support the SambaPOS ecosystem and I’m thrilled by the advances you’ve made over the years, but sometimes we have to be reminded not to put the cart before the horse. Never stop innovating! But don’t forget your new people and the struggle they may have to use said innovation. Not everyone is as patient and stubborn as I am. :slight_smile:

Again i mean no offense whatsoever because I know how hard everyone has worked to get the software where it is and keep Samba alive. And for that i thank you! Espeically, Jesse for putting up with my rants. :wink:

If there is ever anything I can do to help I’m always up for helping! Thanks for listening.


You are very so valuable for SambaPOS :pray:


Chris your contributions are never rants. You are so valuable to us. You are right, documentation is limited right now. We know it, everyone knows it, we are working on it. It is slow for us because we have a lot to do, a lot of priorities and we dont always get it right but we appreciate the feedback. Documenting SambaPOS is very difficult thing to do. Its not impossible but its very difficult and takes a lot of resources, the most important one being man hours not just money. We have so many things to do with limited people.

Always feel free to reach out to us and me. I watch these forums just as much as I ever did in the past, I may not respond as much as I used too and thats mostly because im busy working on other things for SambaPOS its hard to dedicate the same time to the forum. But I am always looking every day, and if I See something needing attention I will always respond.