SambaPOS Server, Workstation & RDP Setup Guide

Thanks guys. I appreciate your help.

Hello morshed. Good tutorial by you. But after setting up all in your step, is there any tutorial step by step to setup 2x client to android phone? i’m sorry, i don’t have basic on remote desktop & server… my sambapos right now already have been complete but i stil cant configure the 2x. right now im using vnc viewer. the problem is if waiter take order, the menu on the pc also will be moving. Another problem is even though we still can order from android phone, it is using mouse icon so it will be hard for waiter to take order. Please help me :frowning:

sorry for bad english as it is not my first language

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Yes Please Morshed, this is my problem please tell us something from this step how to configure 2x client android

On a device as small as a phone you will have issues either way.
less than 8" of screen is very small and will be very fiddly unless you have a device with stylus and accurate screen calibration.
I would personally recommend at least 8" device, 8" will be useable but how useable would depend on how strategic you are with your menu setup and button sizes etc.
10" is getting big for handheld order device but much more forgiving with button sizes.

VNC will take remote control over the machine as it stands and is not made to be used x2 on same machine.

@ordinary_person @sheebalyare
As you are both using android you cannot have Samba locally on device and you will have to use a remote app like VNC or RDP
RDP is usually a preferred method.
Now there is some controversy regarding the following;
Standard RDP will allow a single session per PC, in theory you must have a server with sufficient license to allow multiple RDP sessions. An alternative is to have a PC for each mobile device.
There are ‘work arrounds’ for multiple RDP in the form of a patch to allow 'Congruent RDP Sessions', but have to point out that this is a patch for windows and is breaking the license agreement and also is leaving yourself open to security vulnerabilities. As such this method is not endorsed or recommended (generally recommended AGAINST), and this info is for information only and your free to do with it as you like :smile:

As you are using a small screened device I would suggest you maybe look at getting a larger 8-10" Windows 8.1 or higher tablet, there are a few discussions of recommended devices on the forum. This would allow you to install samba locally on the tablet and not worry about RDP etc and also give you a larger screen size.
Machines with acceptable performance go for as little as £80-120 but as with everything you get what you pay for.
If I had to go with RDP setup my preference for legal and powerful performance would be additional small format PC like Dell 780USF which go for around £60-70 and have more than enough power for the job and can be tucked away out of sight easily.

what do you mean by “install samba locally on tablet”? do u mean it is on windows 8 tablet?

and if you install it to tablet windows 8, how do you connect it to pc? can it send data from tablet to pc?

You would install SQL Express on the PC and connect to it via the connection string from the tablet.

now i already can setup the 2x rdp. but when we connect it, we just can log in on other account which is sambapos basic(without the setup i already made on admin). how do we connect it? i mean how do we use the same sambapos in admin user but we log in through standar user. Im sorry for bad english. if you understand what i mean…

now i can connect using my android phone. but we cant use the same user on one time right? so how do cashier want to use while the android connecting to it…

Sorry im not sure what your saying. Your terminology is very vague, are you talking windows accounts (for RDP) or samba users??
To help we need better explanation.

You are using a Single RDP (Remote Desktop Connection) and take with your android the screen over from the computer. The power of Windows RDP Clients is that you run a new session.
Have a look here to understand some more.

Sorry for taking your time jtrtech.

this what happen to me right now. im using 2x remote application server console and i setup a terminal there(i only setup the terminal, am i missing something here?). and then i connect my android using 2x rdp apps on my android to access pc. i can open sambapos using my android but i cant use it on the pc at the same time. im using the android to take order for my restaurant and the pc for cashier. so if i cant use both at the same time, it will be a problem for me…

(further explaination)
my android can connect to my pc right now, but while im connecting my android to pc, the pc cant be use. if i use the pc(meaning log in on the same user account on windows) the connection will be disconnected. so i create another user account on my windows, let’s say my first account username is “faheem” and second account username is “test1”. if my android log in “test1”, on pc i can only log in “faheem”(can i log in on one user account on windows with both android and pc at the same time?) . so the sambapos program will not be the same if i use separate user account…

tomorrow i’ll snap the photo if this is not clear enough as i cant snap it right now because all of the devices are at my restaurant.

thank you… hope you can help me.

@JTRTech already explained it.

Your windows version allows only one 2x Remote Application to connect to PC and does not allows using PC at the same time.

You need to use Windows versions (server editions) that allows multiple connections.

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thank you sir,

run a new session? do u mean we can setup the 2x application for it make we can use both on the pc and android at the same time on one user account? and can the android send the information to the pc(examples when waiter take orders from customer).

the info you give to me is too big for me to understand it.
thank you for your effort,

i’m using windows 7 ultimate. so there’s no way to fix this except changing the os?

You have to create a second account with login and password on your computer
Lets say User: tablet - password: tablet
Give him admin rights.
Login from your tablet with this user tablet and PW.

Some people remove that limitation for Windows 7 ultimate by running a patch. This thread explains it however as that method considered as a kind of hack we don’t recommend it. We discussed this in every detail on multiple topics. You may find a lot of information by searching forums.

I already created second account with login and password. But the sambapos on first user account and second account would not be the same, right? pc and tablet wont be use the same sambapos

Yes, it can be the same, but I would create a waiter account with less privileges, but for testing purposes just clone the admin account, rename and enter different pw.

I have been trying to setup my sever pc with the above guide but when it comes to the point of restarting the pc after changing settings to auto start message clients i get a error message saying the data string is incorrect.

My Data string is data source=Server-PC\SAMBAPOS3;User Id=sa;Password=sambapos

I tam using sambapos 4 so i have tried changing the 3 to a 4 but still no good

any help would be greatly apreciated