SambaPos should provide downloads of older/earlier version of current series

Not everyone is adventurous and willing to change production system to latest, for example v5.5… many are sticking to v5.3x latest for various reasons: lack of expertise, fear of breaking prod, unable to have a test environment, blah blah.

SambaPos is used by many small businesses (your stats should show), and some may need to download the same version of the SambaPos they have running on their prod system.

If customers have paid for a v5 license and using a specific version, they should be able to get that download link for the version in use. Not everyone can solve the issues relating to restoring old backup into a new version of a software, any software.

Please don’t make the v5 series approach similar to what happened to the v4 series.


Anyone with samba pos version 5.3.6, kindly share with me