Sambapos speed slow on Server

Have tried every trick, however, speed is dead slow recently even on Server!!
Items take 5seconds before they appear on POS ticket, and cashier to wait for 5 seconds to punch next item…so if there is an order of 5 courses, will take 1min to type in

however, if plug-out the network cable, then speed is normal. Any clue/help please

So on the server, if you unplug the network cable, then it works faster?

What is the specification of the server (processor, RAM, using SSD or hard drive)?

Also any delay when adding orders to a ticket is most likely some issue with custom automation you are running when the order is added to the ticket. Do you know if you have anything you have added that is linked to adding orders to tickets?

tried it on two different PC made servers. Windows 10
RAM 8 GB, i5, 2.4GHz
RAM 4GM, i3,

i think the issue is something with the settings somewhere in the database or sambapos

If you can send a backup of your database to I can take a look.

sending right now. would greatly appreciate help

Hi Jesse
I send the DB
please help asap
its really giving me hardtime when busy

i can get you to the pc directly through Anydesk as well

Seeing as the slowness occurs only when connected to the network some things to check out:

  • business computers are on their own network/access point (no way for guests to interfere with network transmission)
  • when extending range of wired devices, be sure a switch is used and not a hub
  • ensure the cable ends are wired correctly (T-586A or T-586B as long as it’s consistent) - an inexpensive cable tester will help
  • if the network cables are not CAT6 shielded (and even then it’s a good idea), ensure that none of the network cables are running along the same path/conduit as anything carrying power
  • depending on the amount of terminals and handhelds, ensure your router is capable of handling the amount of connections it currently is (not the most likely candidate with today’s devices, but one never know what kind of garbage ISPs give out for free)

I even tried wifi router
however if server PC is connected to a network, it is extremely slow
if i disconnect, it works fine

@copper I discovered a fix for this particular issue. I believe it has to do with tmp/junk files created when SambaPOS runs. Like you previously I also complained of server slowness and now it is a thing of the past.

Here’s what I did to solve the issue:
I bought a paid version of CCleaner and set it to clean at 0.1 GB meaning automatically at every 100mb.

The free version clears it only at 1 GB. There might be other free alternatives that you can use as well. I am happy with ccleaner, just not the price lol.

Note I did not change any equipment but it works like a :bomb:

You can also clear your old transactions that will shrink your DB size.