SambaPOS Systems & V5 Licences

I now have a basic online store for selling systems and V5 licences on my website.
Hardware is unfortunately restricted to UK sales only but digital products/services like V5 licences and support (English Only) is not restricted to UK although recommend contacting your local re-seller first.

I have a product listing specifically for V5 Licence Only purchases for those wishing to continue self administrating there system.

Please see fro more information.


Are we limited to buying licenses/support from re-sellers that are geographically near us?

No, but support and other technical matters are better provided locally

Not at all, but if you need support I guess its best to get it from someone who is closer to you and might understand your market.

Thats a great initiative @JTRTech …Nicely done!

No, but I dont want to take business away from other re-sellers for customers in their own country.
Also as said above they will more likely better understand your market and tax requirements and also I can only offer support in English.
I am mainly offering this licence product to help those people who are administrating their own systems and struggling to acquire a licence.
If you cannot get an answer back from your nearest re-seller or prefer to buy through me thats your decision, I am in no rush to attempt world domination, EPOS is not the main aspect of my business, I just had demand from existing clients from other aspects/services that I help for-fill, Im just trying just help others on the forum and make a little extra money.

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