SambaPOS to be used as a rental software

Do you think SambaPOS is a good choice to use as a sales software of ski equipment rental service?

I have no experience in Ski Rental business so I cant really say. I do know that SambaPOS is focused on Restaurants but due to the nature of it and how it works it can be used for just about anything. SambaPOS is very flexible and if you study it enough you can pretty much do anything you want with it.

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Ive not looked into them yet but product timers might be a way to work with rentals, presumably they were added to work with things more like time within a day rather than over days.
Would be interested to see how you get on if you do try to setup in samba.
Just had a look at product timers and looks like they could be usefull. Would want to check the functionality over work periods (using preorder ticket) but given there is a per day setting I imagine they should be fine.
Looks like they are fixed rate (as in price per day is price per day - cant see a option to make it so after say 3 days the rate changes to a ‘longterm’ rental if that makes sense) but that allong with customer entities I imagine could work nicely for a rental, worth a go.


where do i go to study if i want to

Where do you go? You just download it and study it. You can use forum or out knowledge base.