SambaPOS USA announcement

I know most everyone knows me around here, or knew me as my handle Kendash in the early years. We just made an announcement and I thought I would share it with our community that I have called home for the past 5-6 years.

That last sentence speaks about a quote it is from Emre and it is in the About section of SambaPOS manage screen.


Congratulations on your new position Jesse!

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Congratulations @Jesse! Well deserved!

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@Jesse congratulations. Well deserved.

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Congratulations @Jesse Thank you for your support and contributions to SambaPOS.

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Congratulations @Jesse

Congratulations @Jesse on your new role. Well deserved and thanks for your help.

Hearty Congratulations and all the very best

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Аfter the sad news about Emre…
it seemed to me that his brainchild was waiting for decline.
But I’m glad that I was wrong.
With people who love SambaPOS as much as Emre, who walked alongside him and continue to invest their soul in the project, SambaPOS has a great future

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What most of you do not realize is that Emre actually was not working on SambaPOS for quite some time. He was working on his next big project. SambaPOS is here to stay :stuck_out_tongue: and Emre big project will also come when the time is right.

Yes I miss him greatly and I regret I never got to meet him in person. But his legacy is very strong.


I haven’t been on here in a while! Congratulations @Jesse! Feels like it was only yesterday you were helping me with trying to get a time clock up and running with timetrex lol. I know you are perfect for this you have helped myself and many others over the years and can’t begin to express my gratitude and how great full I am for the help! I finally got my parents to finally after years cave into wanting a POS system and SambaPOS is what I will be setting up and installing! Great product and even greater people behind it!