Sambapos use in franchise

i need to use sambapos in 5 franchise please help me…

Help you how? Thats a very broad question…

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how to use in franchise system
i need 1 server pc with using client system in another place…

Thats not how it works, you need 5 SambaPOS 5 licenses and then 1 Neptune Main License module to control them all, plus 5 Neptune Branch Modules (to be able to control a franchise) maybe even online reports?

Its just a normal installation in 5 locations and then you buy a module for franchise and connect them all.

I knew thats what you were going to be asking but remember we are not mind readers :wink:

Although not recommended you could use a VPN or open your SQL ports at server location and remotely connect the client machines on site.
This would give you the same structure as a local system.
There are disadvantages to this…;
Stability - you client end will be vulnerable to connection drop at either end.
Speed - Unless you have really really good connection your throughput will be limited by the up speed, expecially if multiple sites the up at server location will likely be restricting.

The real world solution would be the upcoming system for this from samba which is expected to be a central management module to manage remote servers giving you local install at each site with a centeral controller.
This however is not available yet.

As just suggested, however didnt think this was available yet.

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Urrmn, I never had the pleasure of using it but it should work.

It allows you to update menu and prices in all branches.
I would guess you would also want to have web reports in order to get reporting … however I believe its being improved right now!

Best contact @Tayfun for specific details on this before anything

Some general clarification on that would be good as have not seen any official mention of its release on the forum, only mentions of upcoming release.

how to buy franchise module

You probably won’t hear much about it on the forum.

Maybe I wasn’t supposed to talk abou it? :confounded:

@sabata unless im missing something there isnt anything about ‘Neptune’ on the b2b licence list.

I accept that would be the case if its not available yet which unless im missing something it isnt.
If its available and not of forum I’d be conserned to purchase it as if not on forum - since forum is manual for samba you would be buying blindly.