SambaPOS V 5.1.55 Setup file corrupted?

I am trying to install v 5.1.55 downloaded from link, when trying to install, it shows a message box mentioned “The setup files are corrupted, Please obtain a new copy of the program.”, tried 3 different method of downloading :

  1. Using IDM ( Internet Download Manager ) resulting corrupted download.
  2. Using plain vanilla download way on firefox the same result
  3. Using plain vanilla download way on chrome again the same result.

Currently i don’t have any program at all that is interfering my download process, the only turned on antivirus is windows defender, i am on Windows 10 x64 Enterprise.

Checksum of the downloaded setup file

CRC32: 99829C13
MD5: B96FA907D9F211519786C411AA931C60
SHA-1: DA0C78F21107DC6716BE016D912EFA0B6DEB3B1D

Downloading from different PC (Windows 7 x86 Home Edition) also resulting the same end.

I’ve downloaded and installed 5.1.55 a few times since its release with no problems. Possibly your internet connection or firewall messing with your download? Or some malware that Windows defender hasn’t recognised?

EDIT: I just downloaded it again just now and the installer launches perfectly.

I once noticed almost no application can be installed on my system. Later I found there was an access permission issue to Temp folder. Your issue might be something similar.

This is a fresh windows install, i have downloading and trying v 5.1.54, and getting no problems running the setup, so the problems is not my network nor computer setups.
And i have just finished installing sql server 2014, so i don’t have any problems installing normal programs.

This is really strange because .54 setup file is working fine :frowning:

Weird downloaded .55 through 3g network and setup file working fine!, the checksum & file also difference few bytes.

would you please check if the php scripts that is used to stream the downloaded data is solid (not cutting out bytes before finish on fast connection)?, i am sure if you hosting it without streaming it through php script would be safer and less problematic :smile:

Hmm. makes sense. It is wordpress and a file download plugin though. Worked fine to date. I’ll check if I can find something related on internet. Thank you for reporting.