SambaPOS v4 backup issue

Greetings everyone,

I am seeking to set up SambaPOS V4 in conjunction with SQL Management Studio. The reason behind this endeavor is that I possess a SQL backup that I intend to restore. Complicating matters slightly, I have two computers at my disposal, one of which is aging. Despite my best efforts, I have been unable to locate the backup option within the SambaPOS settings. Consequently, I have opted to perform a backup through SQL, which I now aim to subsequently restore.

Thank you.

V4 is obviously outdated now, however the backup option needs installing/enabling in market in trial mode.
Sql backup and restore should work similarly, as i understand it samba just does it for you using sql scripts.
I would look at updating to v5 for enhanced features.

that’s good, can you help me where I can install backup option in V4?

I did, in the market page off main menu