Sambapos V4 Sluggish. Delay of 3-5 seconds when left for 5 minutes unused

Previously I’ve used Sambapos V4 on a PC with AMD A6 with 4gb ram as well. It has no problem.
I’m having some issue with Sambapos V4 on a PC with Pentium N3530 with 4gb ram and a 7200rpm hdd. According to CPU benchmark, N3530 supposely to be outperforming AMD A6.

The issues I have is the delay of 3-5 seconds if I left it for more than 5 minute unused. Any button that I touch on Sambapos have a delay. If I continue to press another button in that 5 seconds window, it will have a chance of freezing and just not responding (my waiter always do that, thinking that they had not touched it, so they pressed another time).

Is there anything I can do about it? Now the solution that I take is to ask them to wait for 5 seconds after they touch the button to take order.

Does this delay happen on the server pc or client pc?
I think it is network problem.

This looks like a network delay to me as well.

Check your power configuration to ensure your network adapter does not switches to sleep mode.


Additionally, check Power Options for Hard Drive settings. Make sure it is not set to go to sleep after 5 minutes.

I have done the power configuration now. It works better now even left long idle. But the delay of touching the button is still there. It takes around 2-3 secs to get into the table.

@teantattle2014 The reason of it can be anything specific to your hardware configuration so it will be a little hard to guess something about that. Sounds like it is still power saving related but I’m not sure what causes this.

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