SambaPOS V5.5.0 "One or More Error Occured" Message Box Error

Dear All,
I tried to upgrade my SambaPOS V5.3.6 with latest version V5.5.0.
Everything is ok with license installation. But it keep showing message box as in picture two times and SambaPOS closed automatically.
Anyone please guide me where to check.
MD Hasan

Hello can you email please.

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sure Jesse, i will send it now.

I hope the solution will be posted here, which is the point of a forum.

Maybe he will share. This is a community forum not a support forum and this looks like a technical issue our support team needs to look at. I don’t think he would get his answer from forum so I directed him to our support team.

This forum is for community not support. Although a lot of our community members love to provide support which is great!