Sambapos V5 licence asking for payment?

Hi i have received email from samba to pay for my V5 licence that i purchase one year ago and at the time when i purchased it wa lifetime licence. Why did i get this email or what it means as invoice is not in English can not understand it?
sambapos-yazilim-san-tic-a-s-fatura-2017-08-30-1.pdf (35.6 KB)

Are you sure is this email coming from (only text that say SambaPOS, I don’t see SambaPOS logo)? A lot of phishing email out there. I have seen better (almost identical) fake email.

What method of payment they asking?

Bottom line: Totally Fake. Samba Invoice has nothing to do with Gov. Agency Tax/Finance.

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It is spam it comes from

But this rises another security questions;
How did they get my email address and my company name and address on the invoice.

Looks like my personal and financial details at Samba accounts have been compromised, the only good thing is that credit card that i used to by licence is no longer valid so they’re unable to take any money from it.

You may want to scan your computer. If they take from Samba web server , lot of us should get this already.

It has nothing to do with my computer as the computer that i have Sabmapos installed is not connectet to the internet…

This is the email that i got with invoice attached

The link takes to this web site


That looks legit and it may just be a receipt or a mistake. Contact Mehmet he is one of the founders of SambaPOS. I suggest private message or if he doesn’t respond to that email them.

EDIT: It clearly says they already collected so that is a receipt for your payment for records. I recommend you removing anything pertaining to that from this forum since it is personal information.