SambaPOS V5 License for SambaPOS

i just paid for SambaPOS V5 License for SambaPOS. where i can download it?
thank you

V5 is in the very last stages of beta testing before public release.
Public release is due in next day or two.
Are you currently using V4 or Samba new comer?

new one. we want to use - so decided to get the latest version

Same thing here, I paid two days ago via paypal, but no payment acknowledgment from SambaPOS.

Can we assume then that V5 will no longer be free?

If it will not be free what will be licensing arrangement be like? per user? per establishment? per till?

We do need some clarification


Im sure @emre will be explaining all very soon.
The licence listing on market was to allow beta team to test final bits of V5.
I cannot go into too much detail as its not my place to however do not fear im sure all will be explained very soon.

so - we can use v4 for now, and after just download update?

Yep continue with V4 and when V5 is available just download it and it will update your database


Good work guys, I am sure a lot of us are really excited about the possibilities for V5 regardless of the final decisions.

Well done

if i already purchase module from v4 ,i could upgrade to v5 too? thx

which module is it?

All the V4 modules are included with V5 they are no longer paid modules and come as standard

If you are new to SambaPOS do not buy v4 modules and v5 license Just wait for v5 release then buy v5 license. All of the v4 modules will be included with the v5 license.

well i already make purchase for 2 module(database tools and database backup) in V4 sambamarket 2 or 3 months ago hehehe

You should get a discount on V5 License

I cant speak for Emre but I do know he is not in the business of extorting people :stuck_out_tongue: Anyone else reading this you should wait to purchase v5 license for when public release is available to download.

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