SAMBAPOS V5 Loading screen at startup

PLease I need to change SabmaPOS v5 startup loading screen to my own restaurant logo . please

please let me know how .


You can’t change the loading screen. You can put your logo into the login screen though. Is that what your talking about?

can you change it for me , by email please ?

No I can not change it for you.

Folder would be SambaPOS5

PS: the loading screen can not be changed but the logo at login can and I showed you how above.

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i guess i should go back to open source , i really want to buy and support , but i thought i can make the startup loading screen to be my restaurant logo .

We really Need this all of us i guess

The login screen can have your logo. The blue startup screen can’t be changed.

may i know the reason please ?

Because what software doesnt have its own logo somewhere.
Guessing your reselling as your own software?
Why else would a 10 second loading screen logo matter… the restaurant logo on login screen is what will be seen most of the time.

selling my own software ?? !! I have costumers select the menu and software not all the time launched at table screens .

and changing the login screen logo is not good enough?

either way is not posible to change loading screen logo in v4 or v5… this was not a built in option in v3 either but posible by changing sourse code.
V4 and v5 are closed sourse as closed source frameworks were intergrated as part of some new features and this then means it cannot be passed on as opensource as part of samba

If you have a special use case scenario it would help if you explain it fully here and possibly give us pictures etc. reasons why you need to change the blue loading screen would help too.

You can setup Sambapos to run in kiosk mode and if computer rebooted it auto loads Sambapos.

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can we use Samba v5 for production now ? is there any bugs ?? also what is the limitation if i dont buy the licence , can we still use it for production ?

V5 is good for production, has been public release for over 6 months.
There have been a bug or two come to light since release but they are/were solved very quickly but it is stable and they have generally been small niggles, nothing major.
I have V5 in production environments myself and for 4-5 clients.
Most people on V5 will have in live environment.

The limitation is 500 tickets, after which you get an irritating popup similar to the module popups in v4.
But features wise there is no limitations before activation.
The licence removed the popup.

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Thanks alot JTRTeck
but if i designs a terminal , how to copy the design to another terminal ?

Backup module. It’s built in on v5 rather than a module, you’ll see it on the left in the settings.