Sambapos v5 marked

Hi …

I can see that i can buy the:

SambaPOS V5 License
This module removes V5 trial restrictions and enables all V5 PRO features. Also contains Custom Reports, Backup and Database Tools module licenses.
Price: $99.00

But when i go to the download section/ page then i can only download v4.

So what would be the point of buying v5 in the marked ?

Because it do not say anything about download after buy.
And there is no information of the differences between v4 and v5.

Must be an error with the link V5 is not available for public download it is still in beta test

Thanks for the help RickH.

That is loads of new features in V5 and these have started to be documented in the V5 forum so you will see all this when released

Where have you seen the V5 licence link?

@emre is this an error somewhere or have you started advertising V5?

I saw it here:

OK. This is not an error. I’ve enabled it to let staff to test. Beta team will get update in one or two days.


Thanks for reply @emre