I have 4 tablets printing to Bar 1(Main bar) and another 4 tablets printing to Bar 2(Outdoor Bar), I have tried everything ib my power but still all other from Bar 2(Outdoor Bar) still prints to Bar 1(Main bar).

Please can someone help with a configuration i can set for any of my tablets to print to selected Bars.

Thank you.

Where is Bar 2 printer connected? Is it a printer on the bar2 terminal or is it a shared printer from another terminal?

Also sharing your settings in screenshot might help us understand.

Hi Jesse,

I have deleted the configuration, but i will be pleased if you can help with a configuration that allow me print with 2 sets of tabs to different bar.

Meaning Tablet 1 prints to to Bar 1 Printer(Network Printer), and Tablet 2 prints to Bar 2 printe(network printer Configured to Till 2(Out door Cashpoint).

You can not use shared network printer with mobile client.

All my printer are LAN Printers not shared printers.

Are the printers configured on the server machine that hosts the message server?

All the printer are configured on the server that host the message server.