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Dear Support Team,
Good morning.Hope you are doing well.I have read about your charge for 1 year support about the software,what i wanted to ask is that like i have around 50 outlets who want to have a restaurant software at the the moment and my question to you people is that you have said like Unlimited License Period,Online Setup (One-time),Online Support (One year) so for all of the 50 outlets its only $999 ? and that is it going to be for all $999 or each outlet $999 ? And also that yearly we have to pay $999 for the support?


The licence fee is for the software only it doesnt include any specific dedicated support

The only support available is the support that you get from the forum and our community of users, which in my opinion is much better than paid support provided by other systems

If you have 50 outlets you would need a database for each outlet, the licence is for each database so you would need 50x $99 which is $4950 and not $999 as you state in your post

you would need to speak to @emre to see if samba offers any sort of reduced rate for the amount of licences you would need

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@RickH the new website says the new pricing. The prices may not be live yet though. @Emre?


$999 is for localized version of SambaPOS (called SambaPOS V5 Plus) and may not be available on all countries. Localization is not only UI translations. It will contain integration to local services, hardware and more pre-built functions.

I also didn’t understand some pricing details that listed on the website so I think @Tayfun can better clarify this :slight_smile: We’ll probably have separate online Setup & Support offering for International SambaPOS V5.

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Thanks @emre
Still I didn’t get the idea of $999 , online support, one time setup.:weary:

Just seen this now, the new website looks amazing too!!

How many POS have you looked at? Even at that price its wouldnt be that bad for install and year support.

With that many sites you would be better to have a dedicated POS manager to manage, update and repair hardware, 50 locations… easily justifiable and maybe speak to emre about a bulk buy licence price maybe and have a in house tech to manage it. Business that size Id be surprised if you dont already have an inhouse tech of sorts.


You can find all SambaPOS products and prices on