SambaPos V5 script web.Download timeout

Hello, I have a script that connects to a remote server to get orders from the online store. I use “web.Download”. It works correctly, but yesterday the remote server failed for two hours and the SambaPos v5 was saturated and could not be used, since it tried to connect to the server every 1 minute and did not get a response.
Can you put some timeout to web.Download? Or how can it be done so that if the remote server does not respond or if there is no Internet connection, it does not hang?
I have seen an example of ping but this method is very slow.
Thank you

There will be a timeout already there, any request will have a system default to use unless overridden.
Don’t think the samba web download helper has built in foeld for timeout overide.
Ping a web server is a common method for checking Internet connectivity. What do you mean by slow?

Explain your setup.

I’m guessing what you want is to do what I do which is have your main server/host machine as a headless unit and set your scripts to run only on that to avoid effecting user terminals during script run.
I do this on my PMS setup as have allot of sync scripts to transfer all data to the cloud PMS system, all background scripts run via server only.
Terminals only connect directly of direct user interaction such as charging to a room or user initiated booking data resync.

You may find that download is the wrong method.
Typically when dealing with this sort of setup you post to the webserver asking for what you want and response is what you asked for. At least in my experiance.