Sambapos v5 sql compact

so far I have used the 5.60 version of sambapos using a sql compact database without problems, now with the latest version gives me error, it is possible that this type of database is no longer compatible?
how can I migrate from sql compact to sql server local db 2014?
thank you

I would go to SQL express personally.
There is a bonus section on kendashs tutorial for setting up SQL express which explains how to convert compact to SQL however it depends on the reason for the error, if it’s database corruption you may struggle to convert it.
Compact is discouraged as is slower and gives issues far to often.

I do not think the database is corrupt because with version 5.60 it’s working.
here is the error message:

No idea but either way would wouldn’t recommend CE and if it we’re me I’d go straight to Express rather than localDB but up to you, they are functionally similar.

what do you recommend qsl express and which version or local db? can you tell me a simple guide to make the migration from compact

First result if you search for SQL express on forum…

Whichever version you can download which think is 2016 at minute from Microsoft.

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It’s 2017 right now and it works great. That tutorial will work for 2017 as well

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