SambaPOS V5 Tip Issue


I’m trying to get Samba working for my friends restaurant - however I’m encountering an issue that worked on Version 4 but not on Version 5.

I’ve been working on tracking tips per user - and with these accounts set up the tips are not being attributed to the users.

Ref these two threads:

I’ve set all these up twice now, on clean installs and it will not work on Version 5. Can someone offer me some advice?

Thank you!

Edit: Well it turns out I’m a moron. Now it’s not working on either… I must have finger fudged the solution previously and now it’s not working.

Perhaps elaborate on the actual issue.
Is the calculation being applied ok? Is it just the report/payout bit that’s not working.

There shouldn’t be a reason for something to not work in v5 that worked in V4.

Hey sorry for the lack of detail, quite frankly on the Tip Payouts screen, each server is listed but their tips are Null/zero.

You have to manually put tips in those accounts vthat tutorial was not automatic.

I could have sworn I’ve had it working where it attributed it to each server but I must be mistaken then.

I appreciate your help thank you.

You can but this tutorial won’t.

I assume I will have to get into entities then - or is there a tutorial you’ve seen with that feature? I’ve gone over most of the posts and my cursory Googling seems it’s only possible by creating an Entity for each server - would that be correct?