SambaPOS won't auto backup after Work Period Ends

I just realized that I don’t have ANY backups, ever since I migrated my database to a new computer. Why doesn’t SambaPOS back up automatically after the Work Period ends?

Could be file permissions. Make sure it has access to that folder. I typically stay away from user folders. They have enhanced security requirements.

Try to do a backup manually from within SambaPOS then you will see if you get an error. I’d expect you to get a permission error as you’re using SQL Express and have the path set to user folder.

Create C:\SambaPOS folder and set it to the backup location, you should then have no problem - but again, test with manual backup to confirm.

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My advice would be to get a cloud drive. Plenty of free ones and permissions are set up automatically when installed. Bonus is, if anything goes wrong you’re backed up to the cloud :slight_smile:

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Yes I use onedrive for mine it works great.

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Google Drive gives you 15 GB. A good choice for everbody i think.

Also if you use Microsoft Office 365 subscription the business one comes with 1TB of OneDrive storage.

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Cheaper Office 365 Personal and Office 365 Home will also give 1TB of OneDrive storage. I use the Office 365 Home one (up to 5 users, each get 1TB storage) for my business :stuck_out_tongue: I resent Microsoft deliberately marking a product “home” and “business” when it’s pretty much the same thing, at least for small business.

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I to use home version. I didnt really look at price I assumed it was similar or cheaper for business. I guess Businesses have to pay more because we have more money…PSHSHAHAHAHAA

Pricing I can see in the UK anyway, Business is more expensive / you get less for the money.

Office 365 Personal is £5.99/month you get 60 mins Skype calls and Microsoft Publisher included
Office 365 Business is £9.48/user/month (£7.90+VAT) without those 2 things

Thats just stupid. There is no way to justify that. Other than extorting more from businesses because they use it more.

I bet Walmart doesnt pay that :stuck_out_tongue:

You know its one of those typical MS things… Business comes with “24/7 phone and web support” and is “Licensed for commercial use”. Whereas Home is “Licensed for home use”.

So you better make sure you never open anything related to your business on your home license otherwise you are in breach of the license :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, they will be on volume licensing


I use google drive and One Drive but I prefer my OneDrive. 1. because of the much larger storage, but it also seems like it integrates smoother with windows.

All of my backups between both of my locations are linked to my OneDrive. Works great and I have access to it anywhere.

Thank you everyone. I may have to purchase OneDrive for Business, since probably my OS doesn’t support OneDrive for Personal.

OneDrive is OneDrive. It works on all versions of Windows.

I know there is Personal and Business accounts, but all versions I’ve used let you connect a Personal and Business account.

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Its OS agnostic… it doesn’t matter what OS you use the software is the same. The only difference is the account license.

Look at office365 personal it comes with onedrive 1tb for 6 users… thats 6tb total for 6 different users.