Sambapos works on VariPOS-715-D410?

One question, a customer has a VariPOS-715-D410 and hattes the POS software he is currently using. He asked me if Sambapos could be installed (It has windows 7 on it embedded…

This is the system. Is Sambapos supporting the customer display?

Yes it would be installable as a Windows 7 machine
However what is the spec of this machine?
I did an install on a similar machine which if remember right was fairly minimal spec celeron and it was on the light side spec wise.
Admittedly the Windows 7 on mine I think was full win 7 which has allot of bloat not needed for epos machine but if it is similar spec you might not get the best of samba which due to its flexibility and power does often need more resources than other pos software.
I would maybe suggest having the SQL installed on a seperate machine to lighten the load on the all in one.

Intel® Pineview-D D410 1.66Ghz with L2 Cache 512KB
15" LCD, 1024x768
True flat basel free Capacitive Touch Panel
DDRII 1Gb memory
HDD 160Gb
Color, Red, Green, White, Purple, Orange

Sorry was on my mobile and forgot my log-in :sweat_smile: But as mentioned in the post above and the link, it has only 1Gb internal memory, and I don’t know the mentioned processor.

Hope it suppports com 1 or 2, as mentioned in:

Ok so it is fairly similar to the system I had a go with.
The processor is on the light side like I said.
1GB of RAM with embeded or not Win 7 is again on the light side.
It will work but how well is the question.

Use just plain windows for a bit and see how responcive it is, I expect with those specs even being embeded windows it will still be on the sluggish side and if its like that with windows samba on top of that will obviously not make it faster LOL

Is it to be a stand alone terminal?

Yes it is. He is already complaining about he’s current POS system, PofX POS. It realy is terrible slow. So I was thinking of a affordable system:

Computer: ProDesk 400 G2 Desktop Mini - Intel Core i3 - 500GB HDD
Screen: Elo 1509L
Printer: Epson TMT-20II

I think it is one of the most solid combo.

But of course if you suggest a other option, my ears are wide open.
All POS all-in-one system have cheap processors like the Atom processor, Celeron and so on.

Not all :-p

Windows XP equivilent is what I expect came with the machine or at least did with mine and inherinantly had lower os spec requirements to begin with.

That setup should do you well.
I use dell usff 780s on my systems which are core 2 duo aprox 3ghz with 3-4gb ram.
For biggest difference swap hdd to a small ssd say 64gb is more than enough.
You can get these pretty cheap new.
I often just use 32 on epos only machines.
If you make sure you get a slightly better one with equal read and write speeds (usually arround 500mb/s) it will give noticeable difference over regular hdd.

ELO is a good brand of screen.
If you have time to shop arround look out for the 17" ones with the adjustable stands, those are my preferred monitor when looking at elo.

Ty for the heads up!

I will reccomend the 17", but he is looking at every penny comming in and going out :slight_smile:

For now I 'm going to test this configuration, can’t be worse then he’s working on now :yum: