SambaPOS3 installers missing?

I know this is a v4/5 forum, but the developers are still the same and no longer appear to be participating in the v3 forums.

Any particular reason why the 3.0.35 beta installer was removed from the website?

You’d be better off contacting them yourself as they aren’t active on this forum either

My guess is potentially they’re no longer supporting it as they move into V6 which is being worked on as they’re not gonna have time to be working on all the different versions, even V5 has t really had any updates as all the focus is on the newest version they’re working on

That said it could have just been removed in error

v3 is very outdated - the last post on the old website that I can see was 2013. if its because its free - although v4 is outdated too now it is/was free as well so i don’t see any reason to still be using v3 over at least v4 other than the .net 4.5 requirement (win 7) but in all honesty if your still running an xp or lower system surely its time to upgrade.

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pls v3 download link…!!!

This isnt the V3 forum there is no installer here I suggest you go to the main samba page and contact them directly

Likely they discontinued it.

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Which version of v3 do you need?

latest version. I do not know which one.

I sent you the latest one.



Please I need your Help!!

Somebody far away, install the sambapos3 3.0.35B and a error was ocurred and I Unninstall the program

But now I’m trying find the sambapos3 3.0.35 but I can’t Find!!

Please!! My Boss are annoying me because we cant use other version like the database computer.

Can you tell me where can I find that version??

Help me please!!!


Likely they removed it and it’s no longer available. v5 is latest version.

Sure you can he just doesn’t want to.

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I dont know how to configure the software and I dont have the time to learn.

Install the latest one it’s imposible to me because I dont Understand how to program de database

In my job, the database use 3.0.35 beta and the others use the same version, we are a small “candy Store” and dont have the money to spend other “$600.000” pesos (Chilenos or CL)
(transform into dollars)

That’s the reason why I need the 3.0.35 version

It’s imposible pay to another guy who install an obsolet program again.

I was lucky enough to find a copy of the 3.0.35 beta installer hidden away on one of my hard drives. I’ve uploaded it and made it available ‘as is’ at the following location for anyone who needs it:!AnDf4U2Bb1Rt1VK-c-aYjTodNssD

Is SambaPOS no longer multi-lingual ? Did you install v5 ? Or what functionality was removed?

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You don’t need anything to learn. Just upgrade and use like before.

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Chinese locale was removed in v4, and as far as I’ve seen there’s no mention of it being added back into subsequent releases. If anyone wants to confirm otherwise I’ll gladly take a look at v5!

We talk about V5. There is Chinese support.

There is multi language support in v5. V4 is old and deprecated as well. There has been extensive discussion about it in v5

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I will look certainly take a look at v5, but if the developers are reading it would be good to highlight this in the features for v5 as it’s not obviously mentioned anywhere.

But if, also like me, you value software for its openness and transparency, and appreciate open source options, I once again share the link to the final version of the v3 installer: (Removed Because of Security)

My last post containing the link was hidden by admins. I hope it’s because of something else I said and not because I chose to share the link to a perfectly legitimate, open source version of samba, albeit an unmaintained one…

Should not post exe link, the file could be infected with malware. Please remove it.