Sambapos4 Concurrent RDP tablets freezes

I just implemented a multiple concurrent RDP clients(2 tablets) sambaPOS4 installation with three departments configuration (Bar, VIP, Store). When I log on from the Tablets, everything initially works fine for a few minutes before all buttons stops responding or freezes. Before this new three departments configuration, I had a one department configuration and did not experience any freezing. I’m wondering if the 3 departments configuration network traffic is too much now for the CAT5e network cable. I may be wrong. Please help.

Your probably not going to get much advice on this I’m afraid.
V4 is depreciated and hasnt had any updates for 4+ years.
Concurrent RDP without a server licence is against MS terms of service hence the need for patch or crack which may not be reliable.

The setup you have has allot of variables for anyone to just randomly guess the cause.

I guessed right. It was the cable. I replaced the CAT5e now with a CAT6e cable and everything has been going smoothly.
Thanks for your attention.