SambaPOS4 multiple terminal setup

I am using a windows 7 64 bit professional PC with 1.88GHz processor and 4 GB ram with sambaPOS4 installed on it and sql server 2014 express.This PC i use as a cash counter PC and run sambapos4 on it as well.

I am connecting five windows 10 tablets with local install of sambaPOS4 which are configured with connection string to sql server 2014 express on server PC.

I am also running message server on port 8383 on server PC.The tablets are configured to connect to this message server in local settings.

Everything is working perfectly fine :slight_smile:

However the speed at which the tablets open table and menu is very slow,what seems to be the problem here =/
I have enabled RDP on server as well as tablets,is it necessary to enable RDP if i am using local installs on sambapos4 on tablets with connection string to sql server.
also i have the tablets on homegroup as the server so i am able to share my printer.
the problem is speed at which tablet opens samba with sql server sitting on wifi connected network pc

please help me out on this,

Only way to improve the speed is to invest in higher end equipment and a robust wireless system using commercial equipment instead of home consumer equipment.

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RDP is erelivent for local install on windows tablet… RDP is Remote Desktop… Protocol i think for P as in remote control/looking at another machine. You local installs are just connecting to DB into the SQL on the ‘server’ machine.

For that many clients I would say you server is underspec’d and your wifi/networking needs to be sh*t hot.

I run on average 2-4 termianls on C2D machines but its not so much processor as sotrage and RAM for SQL server although good processor helps. And run a GB LAN network for core devices like tills.
All my own systems I put at least 8GB and a fast SSD on the server machine usually an i5 level machine.
Your main issue is most likely basic entry level access points on a basic lan network.
Also the tablets themselves want to be reasonable spec, many are low speed battery saving specs with average standard wifi cards. In short, you get what you pay for.

Also are they using the same wifi/network as customers/guests?

Surface Pro tablets on a 5Ghz wifi network running enterprise level access points through a GB switch to a server spec machine will be lightening fast.
Cheap Linx tablets connecting through a 2.4Ghz Dlink or IP provided router to a P4 server with low ram will be dog slow…
Its as with everything a balancing of cost vs quality vs demand.

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