sambapos4 on client system


i have sambapos and server 2012 CE installed on my win 8.1 pro and i iwll be using mobile and tablet.

what is my next step?

how will i be using sambapos on client do i need to install the application there and then set the connection string


can i assign user in server samaba and different user access the POS in order .

i will be using the POS for my restaurant

Read through this. It covers all that you need.

i have followed these steps

JohnS according to ur doc i need to have serve(hp…) and need to make a work network and then install samba on clientand make a sql connection at client PC is this correct

one thing not clear?
if i create a terminal rdp1 when rdp1 connects from ipad will it login as rdp user also meaning i have to set a user role for rdp?

On windows side you’ll create a windows user called rdp1 (or whatever you like)
On SambaPOS side you’ll create a Terminal and a Menu that customized for your handheld device screen. You can Map this menu to Terminal on Ticket Type > Menu Mapping so you don’t need specific user on SambaPOS side.

oh so the menu we setup in serve can be used for rdp1 but how will it login ? as some user or admin?

is there a complete tutorial from setup till how to use samba like a complete cycle?

Login to SambaPOS? The waiter who holds the terminal will use his own SambaPOS PIN code that he uses while logging in through PC. After running SambaPOS on tablet everything is same like running on PC.

If you are using Server PC as a POS terminal you’ll also need to switch to windows account based local settings. To be able to do this login to windows with rdp1 user. Start SambaPOS and go to Local Settings. Click Display App Path button and copy Settings.txt file to the User Path. You can display User Path by clicking Display User Path button. When you do that Local settings will start working by windows user account.