SambaPOS4: Setup Multiple POS with Cash Drawer & Printer Each

Good day,

We are running SambaPOS4, on a PC(Server) that also acts as a POS with cash drawer and printer. And another POS with its cash drawer and printer.

The “client” POS PC was in for repairs due to a fan issue, but when we reconnected it, we can no longer manually open the cash drawer on the server.

When processing a payment, the receipt is printed and the cash drawer opens for “client” POS but not for the server POS.

We have looked through the actions, rules, printer settings but no change is resolving it. What might be the issue?

Ok, so many possibilities.
First I would check the printer is online and available in Windows.
What type of printer and what connection?
So many times after disconnection of USB printer have I seen it show up as offline in Windows and the USB internal hub 1 needed changing to USB_02 where it got put back in a different port from before.
USB printers are not as plug and play as many would think.

All of the printers are online, if we change the Open Cash Drawer Job to open with server printer it will work there but not at the client pos

It’s hard to say with little info provided.
Next guess will be your printer setup/naming.
My preffered setup is each terminal has the printer setup locally in Windows with the see name that way the name from samba is the same. If not you need to set a job mapping line for each terminal to it’s printer as configured in samba. has really good info about printer setup. Check that against your setup.