SambaPOS5 Annoying License Issue

So, This morning my SambaPOS5 has stopped working because of expired mobile client license Issue. It’s already a known issue which was escalated long ago but no resolve yet.

Can someone from sambapos team help remove the expired license for mobile clients. So i can start using SambaPOS again. My reseller is not responding and it’s top urgent, we are unable to take any orders.

Your SambaPOS V5 Pro license should be on the email you gave to your reseller.

In the email you should be able to find your credentials.
Login to with your credentials.
On the left side you can see Clear Keys button.

Then go to SambaMarket in the POS, click login in the top right corner, use the same credentials.
Restart SambaPOS.
Login again to SambaMarket and press Activate below your license.


Your problem was resolved by the support team.