Sambpos V5 Text File Database Question [SOLVED]

hi, I have V5 with SQL CE installed on Win7 64x. I have been trialling out the software and have been building up the menu. I am now ready to purchase the license and go live. I have been reading the forums and now would like to use the app using windows tablet using Remote Desktop protocol.

But there is a problem…

Originally when I installed Sambpos I didn’t set a database i.e. SDF so I am assuming its been setup as “Text File Database”

I have setup the app on another laptop with SQL Database but now I would like to migrate “Text File Database” to SQL DB. If this possible? I cant find anything on the forum.

Many thanks

You say CE but pretty sure samba v5 does not support CE.
Double click on the top left samba icon when logged in as an admin and pasted a screenshot of the title bar. It shows the database type in use.

Hi , sorry I meant to say built in sql. Unfortunately I didnt set a sdf database in the setting while I was testing the product.

There should be a SambaPOS5.mdf file (SQL Express LocalDB), and matching *.ldf file somewhere on you computer. Look in:



    hidden folder ^^^^^^^

That file can be used with SQL Express (ie “full” version, not “LocalDB” version).

You can use SSMS to backup the DB (creates a single *.bak file) and restore it later to your new installation.

Or you can use SambaPOS Database Backup Module to do the same thing (backup/restore).

I have located the MDF file under USER folder. I am assuming this has all my data and config setting? How can I convert or migrate the data to SQL using SSMS? Thanks

I have managed to resolve the issue. Previously I installed SQL 2012 and various issue with conversion and then missing prices. All issue were resolved by installing 2014 SQL from Microsoft and then attached the MDF file to in SQL Mgmt Studio. Thanks for you help, QMcKay.

Sal express 2016 is latest and it supports a few very good new features.