Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch


LOL we laugh but that actually would be kind of useful if it worked fluidly granted you would look like a cross between geek and secret service agent talking into your watch. I actually think about how it would look talking to my watch but I really think at work I wouldn’t care.

I just really despise having a cell phone on me when I am working however I can’t afford not too because of how much business I do on one. I could get passed the awkward look of talking into a watch at work.


Can you connect a bluetooth headset to the watch to use instead of talking into the watch?


For years I used an in-ear Bluetooth device, with the phone nearby (mostly just in a carrier on my hip). It was a godsend for me at the time since I was always working with both my hands, and I only needed to touch a button on the earpiece to answer the call when I heard it ringing in my ear. It allowed me to continue working while talking.

This was long before the smartphone “craze”, and hands-free calling was a boon to me. My phone was a Windows CE 5.0 phone that I affectionately came to call the “brick”, but I used this to be productive years before the iPhone was even a tingle of a wet-dream. I have not owned a “smart phone” since that time until only recently when I purchased a cheap Android device because my old “dumb” phone finally crapped out (ok, it went swimming in the ocean).

UTStarcom PPC-6700 … circa 2005


Cant remember the time I touched a phone with a real keyboard.
At least thats a more useable keyboard than those blackberries that had a full real querty keyboard on a phone smaller than most phones today.


Hmm good question Mark. I should look into that.

Edit: it seems it does.


Just talk to your watch to send twitter to SambaPOS :wink:
I would expect Smartwatch to have very good speech to text engine. I dont have one yet. :frowning:


How about this one.


I have Gear S2 watch but mine does not have 3G connection. 3G model might be better but I didn’t fully satisfied with that.

Screen is too small to do anything more than reading phone notifications. Well that needs permanent bluetooth connection to phone (LG G4) and it does not work if you’re about 8-10 meters away from phone.

I can answer if you need to know something specific.


What’s your overall impression? Keep in mind I would buy the cellular version. The texts is it easy to read them?


Yes for short text it is easy to read but reading long texts like news is not very comfortable.

The biggest downside is it is tizen based so not compatible with andorid wear apps and google stuff like google now.


Maybe I should wait then. Surely they will release an improved version.


Personally I’ve never been too much of a fan of samsung smart watches, but they are definitely getting better each time.
Since I really needed the watch just for notifications and I could pair a bluetooth earpeice for calls at same time, I really really reallly loved the huawei watch with the silver mesh band. it even felt like a natural watch, with extensions and bigger screen.

In saying that, with the s2, i did find a comparison chart between the one I have and the S2. I’d say both have their ups and downs, and the only real difference comes with the screen size, slighlty bigger battery life in huawei and the fact it can connect to any device whether iOS or android or even microsoft phones(though require a few third party apps to make it work on their phones) and the fact the S2 next upgrade will come with 3g pairing.

I’ve been using the Huawei smart watch for a while now and I feel it was the best investment I made for my lifestyle. In saying that, I’d wait for the S2 if you are looking to want to pair with 3g(distance is longer thus dont have to be in short distance of the phone like bluetooth)


Can you guys imagine if we could integrate these watches with samba kitchen screen to tell waitresses when kitchen orders are ready, table 14 needs drink refill (customers press tablet screen), etc.

So many amazing things that would make life easier for so many restaurants and only an api away. Hoping to see this and much more happen with samba eventually. @kendash


Yes you are right.

I work on this watch. Look like this.
Minimum 1 km range and 48 hours battery life.


Wait what? Are you saying you have that solution integrated with SambaPOS?


We work on SambaPOS Integration module. SP-C.

Watch provider working some special modification. This watch is not use Wifi or Bluetooth.

I can’t say when will finish. I think we’ll testing in three months.

We work on
CallME ( IOT Based Order Dash Wifi button )
LightME ( IOT Based Lighting and Waiter Button )
ManageME ( IOT Based Watch )
OrderME ( IOT based e-ink kitchen display )
All this devices connect and manage from SambaPOS.

We work on all these stuff.