Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch

I finally switched to Android with the Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. I am eyeballing the Gear S2 Classic smart watch cellular version so I can make and receive calls without my phone.

Do any of you have experience with these watches? I would love the ability to receive texts, calls, and make calls without carrying my phone when I am at work.

The price seems respectable considering I once wore a $250 watch that did nothing but tell time.

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I have purposely refused to jump into the smart watch game for several years because I thought they were goofy looking and didn’t add any real value, however this Gear s2 Mobile version looks very classic and it can actually function without my phone. I can see this being very useful for my lifestyle.

So it has a realistic looking digital face.
If the images are accurate with the round shape you would be forgiven for not realizing its a ‘smart’ watch :slight_smile:
Like the round face, never been turned on by apple watch even as an apple fanboy LOL

I hate the Apple watch its bulky and I really do not see any use it would give me. This one looks like a watch which is what I want and its actually useful for more than telling time. If I wanted an expensive watch I would just buy one that looks much better than most Smart Watches.

This one however intrigued me because I can make calls to and from with it as well as texts without needing my phone and it actually looks like a nice watch. I hoped someone here might have had some experience with one.

It does look allot better than apple watch for sure.

Not sure how function texting would be from anything with this smaller screen.

Only thing I dont get is when will you have this but not your phone?
Most scenarios I can think of that I would purposefully not have my phone would most likely involve me removing my watch as well…

ROFL! Sorry, couldn’t help - it just came out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Speech-to-text and Text-to-speech … or really small fingers and a magnifying glass. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


To be honest its probably personal preference but I would love to not have my phone everyday that I work but I certainly would want access to my phone because I do a lot of business on it. This watch would solve that considering I wear a watch 24/7

I HATE carrying a phone when I am working.

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Except when charging :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I take my current watch off at night anyway I have a routine it goes on my nightstand.

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Speaking of charging I couldnt see anything on that page about battery life?

I noticed that too and its partly why I made this topic. I can and will look up articles and reviews but I thought I would get some advice from community if anyone had any experience. I may be shooting blanks here but I thought it would be worth a conversation.

Here is a CNET review.

The Samsung Gear S2 doesn’t blow the doors off any of its competition,
but it does last about a day longer. I found myself getting to a third
day of use with the screen set to middle brightness – not bad at all.
I’d still want to charge every day, but I wasn’t screwed if I didn’t.

Hehe key word was once. I wouldn’t make an investment like that now. I was in a different social group then. However $250 for a mini phone that I can answer quick calls on without having to carry a phone in my pocket sounds pretty good.

It looks good but have never been able to justify a smart watch myself but if your situation suites one awesome.
I certainly would despise the thought of needing another sim and call plan for it even ass an adon second sim to current plan…
As an iPhone user I would opt for apple watch but they just dont float my boat.

Fair enough…

Would be cool if we could use a watch to take Orders for SambaPOS …

like Star Trek, speaking into your wrist:

“Table 3
Order Burger
Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomato, Ketchup
Order Fries
Mayo, Vinegar


What would you have you watch ringtone? audio snip of ‘Beam me up Scotty’ LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been using a Pebble smart watch for about 2 years now - I got the original Pebble 2 years ago then upgraded to the Pebble Time when they had it on Kickstarter a year ago. I absolutely love it and feel lost if the battery dies if I’ve forgotten to charge it, every time I get any sort of notification on my phone and I’m not at my desk, I just check the watch. Oh and when I talk about battery life, a Pebble Time lasts up to 7 days on one charge, yet still has a colour screen (the original Pebble lasted up to 10 days I believe but didn’t have a colour screen). It uses a colour e-ink display so doesn’t consume battery to keep something on the display, whist you can clearly read in direct sunlight and has a backlight for use in the dark. So forgetting to charge is usually because I’ve forgotten to plug in that night since it’s not needed daily like most other smart watches out there!

Pebble works on both Android and iOS. AND it costs only $149. There’s lots of apps available. You should definitely check this out.


What is drawing me to the Gear s2 is the 3g/4g connection so I can receive calls without my phone. Also the fact that it looks like a regular watch. I have looked at pebbles and they seem neat but I will be honest and say that I wont wear a watch if it doesn’t look like a watch lol again that is personal preference.


The original one was a bit big, but Pebble Time is quite small, I’d say most people wouldn’t notice it’s a smart watch. And you can also get the Steel versions. They also have the Round versions but for me those are not attractive as battery life is less which is a trade-off for having a device that is like a normal watch.

As you say if it’s about the cellular connectivity then the Gear S2 would work better for that.

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For me it really is. I might use it for text notifications as well but again I would not need my phone. The main draw is not needing my phone and I think that is the deal closer for me to buy a smart watch. Well and it has to look like a watch.