Save and Export Report problem

Hello all , I am using v5 i have problem with save and export report :

  • Can not Save Report : When click Save it just refresh no popup show
  • Can not Export Excel : When Click Export it not show up anything

This happened with my new desktop …I use laptop it work very well no problem i just got this problem after i change computer . all setting was backup and restore same .
I try to minimum the sabapos to find the dialog but it not found .

by using the terminals > Report printer > i created and assign a printer same to ticket printer one more thing i want to know is that Does we can use HTML format with report because when i print it it will show “?” for my unicode product name so i want to use HTML instead to solve this problem …

Show Screenshots.

There is no such thing as “Export Excel”. Did you define any Data Exports in Manage > Reports ? Show a screenshot of that as well.

What version of SambaPOS 5 are you running? Double-click on SambaPOS in top-left corner to go into Windowed-mode, and post a screenshot of the version.

Hi Here is screenshot :

Put filename/location as a directory samba has correct rights to edit then on clicking Export to CSVthefile will created…

i ready do it , i test it ready with blank and put location and name is same …it just difference that when we put location and file name it will save to that place but not pop up anything to let user know .

If you put file name and place it wont popup thats how it is designed. If you leave it blank it will popup asking where to save it. So what exactly is the issue? Because it seems to be working as expected.

Isn’t there an export action? You could add a show message or ask question popup after and trigger the export via rule rather than reports screen.

i mean by default it will show dialog popup …but this computer after setup it not show …i try testing with blank it , put location without name , put location with name …it still won’t popup …

this issue just happened for this new computer setup only …i use with my laptop it work perfect …

** one more import thing is it not show SAVE dialog when we lick save any report …I think it problem with computer because this setup same with laptop i restore from my backup , laptop working with no problem why desktop have problem …anyone meet same problem like me ?

Are you sure the popup is not behind the SambaPOS application window? Did you try minimizing sambapos to see?

Yes sure i do ready …i know last time you told me i minimize and it show but this time not see …

hmm odd… i have no idea what it could be then.

excel Save without popup i can skip and use like this …but the stranger problem is SAVE …report SAVE button …when click it just refresh and nothing happen …i don’t know what problem with my desktop …i use window 7 64 bit …

Show a screenshot of what your talking about. I am not sure what you mean by SAVE.

Normal when we click Save it will show pop up and let we choose location and put file name …but now not work …

Looks like that is a problem with your computer. It works fine on mine.What version are you using? Is it SQL or CE?

SQL yes this why i express that in my laptop it work fine …just got problem after i try with new desktop

I can’t understand what it would be.

Everything work fine …just this one is got problem …i don’t know why like this …