Save report to file Date range

I know that it is possible to make a save to file printer and so… but it would be really proper to have in the “Save Report to file” action the date range as in the “Print Report” action.

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I dont understand why you want this. Can you describe your situation ?

I want to send the user every 2nd of a month a report of the previous month.

You can copy this under File Name:
C:\Reports\Daily Summary Report [=FD('{DATE}','dd-MM-yyyy')] Ending at [=FD('{TIME}','')].xps

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For that you will need to use Match All constraints. I would recommend you to try it out on a test database and change your dates before ending a work period report.

I may need the same settings to save and send report

I save it in a folder that’s hooked up with owners cloud so they can look at the reports there. If sending an email I just send that the work period has been closed.

If you want to reuse variables start by saving to program setting then when they need to be used through the automation call the program setting value…

Personally I would use a shared cloud drive and just save all reports to that daily and not mess with email.

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How can I set exactly.? any guide?

Is plenty of program setting examples on forum.
Save setting for date and time at beginning of rule then in each case the same value needed afterwards using setting value.
Basic automation a reseller should be familier with.

@SambaAUS I found a workaround for this problem. I will post it when I am back ath the office, this will be latest tomorrow…


I want the from date and to date in the CSV file is it possible. I have attached the image.


hello hope all is well, u did not post the workaround